The head-spinning World of Favre

Packer Report weighs in on ‘sources' and why Brett Favre can't make up his mind regarding his playing future.

Head spinning yet?

It hasn't even been two weeks since Brett Favre was granted his release by the New York Jets. It seems like months, with one "source" telling one media outlet one thing and another "source" telling another outlet something entirely different.

So, where do we stand? Or, perhaps put more accurately, where are we maybe standing?

On Friday afternoon, ESPN reported that Favre had X-rays of his ailing right throwing shoulder sent to the Minnesota Vikings for analysis. If Favre's shoulder needs major surgery, he'll stay retired; if he needs only minor surgery, he'll have it so he can play for the Vikings this upcoming season.


Of course, that followed a report on Thursday from, in which a Vikings source said Favre had elected to remain retired.


That followed a report that Favre and Minnesota coach Brad Childress were expected to meet to talk about Favre joining the Vikings.

Or not.

And that followed Favre's two-letter response to a text-message sent by ESPN's Trent Dilfer, asking whether Favre was going to end his retirement: "NO," in all caps, no less.

For now, at least.

How do you explain it?

Well, it's just Favre being Favre.

What we in the media loved about Favre was his love of talking. Ask him a question, and he'd answer it from every possible angle, all while taking care of three of your follow-up questions but creating two more questions at the same time.

Consider this more of the same. It's not that the media is making up stuff. It's that Favre covers so much ground in the space of one conversation, that it would be easy for one of the media "sources" to believe Favre intends to come out of retirement/stay retired/buy a new hat.

Is Favre chuckling about all of this while cutting the grass?

Is he a waffling prima donna who is so starved for attention that he just can't help himself?

Is he struggling with deciding whether his hatred for Ted Thompson trumps his 16-year love affair with the fans in Green Bay?

Is he worried that he will be unable to perform to his standards because of his arm and age?

Probably, it's a little of each.

There are two things I know about Packers fans. One, they're sick of this charade. Second, they can't stop talking about it.

So, we'll keep talking about it here at Packer Report, and we welcome your thoughts, either via e-mail or by meeting with other fans in our forums. If we have an interesting spin on the news, we'll explain our thoughts. He's one of the iconic figures in Packers history and an NFL legend, after all, and the decision confronting him is either going to alienate many fans or let the healing between him and the Packers begin.

But, as was the case with ESPN's X-ray "story" on Friday, we're no longer going to follow the day-to-day "news" regarding Favre's future.

We'll believe Favre is going to play for the Vikings when he tears the purple No. 4 away from John David Booty. And we'll believe Favre is truly retired when the Vikings are in Cleveland for Week 1 and Favre remains on his ranch near Hattiesburg, Miss.

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