OTA Q&A with Greg Jennings

The Packers' standout receiver talks about his contract, new daughter, chemistry with Aaron Rodgers and the cloud that was Brett Favre.

While his much higher-paid teammate, Donald Driver, skips organized team activities in hopes of securing a new contract, even though his current deal expires after 2010, Greg Jennings is working and smiling.

Like usual.

Jennings' contract expires after this season, and he's set to make the league-minimum $530,000 as a fourth-year player. Considering Jennings' 21 touchdown receptions over the last two years — and his career highs of 80 catches for 1,292 yards in 2008 — if anyone should be unhappy with his contract, it's Jennings.

"I'm here, it's OTAs, we're rolling, I'm having fun," Jennings said.

Reporters flocked around Jennings on Thursday, and he talked about his contract, new daughter and Brett Favre.

You've said you see yourself being in Green Bay long term. It seems you haven't changed your mind.

Not on my end. I can't speak for the organization, but hopefully they see me in a Green Bay Packer jersey as long as I do.

His second daughter, Leah Marie, was born on Easter. She was born at 7:07 a.m. and weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Is he not sleeping much?

I'm actually sleeping right now. No, she's been a great baby. She's nursing a lot, and I can't really help out in that situation. I do take on the role of keeping my 2-year-old busybody, little Miss Grown Lady, out of mom and baby sister's way and try to control her and make sure she's being nice and helpful.

What's it like for a big, rough and tough football player to have two daughters?

It's fun. It takes you away from the rough and tough. It's definitely humbling and it brings you down with a sense of humility when you see you can give berth to such beautiful human beings.

Can you talk about your chemistry with Aaron Rodgers?

He was feeding the horse today. I felt good. That's the chemistry we have. It's just there now. I hadn't been able to attend the IPWs and hadn't run any routes or caught any balls until yesterday, and it was like I had never left. He made it that way because he wanted to implement me early and often. I'm excited about what's upcoming for this year.

Do you feel like that cloud that was hanging over the whole team last year has disappeared?

Definitely. Any time you can go into a season and you're not worried about what's going on outside the locker room and it's not being brought inside the locker room every single day for the entire year, you're better off. Your focus is on one thing, one goal. Even though we tried to focus on one goal, one aspect of every phase we were in, whether it was training camp or preason games, it was always that cloud started to come down. Now, there is no Brett Favre saga. Well, there is, but we're not concerned about it (laughs).

Do you feel for the Vikings?

I do. (Vikings quarterback) Tarvaris (Jackson) is a really close buddy of mine. I can only say, ‘Just go about your business the same way. Business as usual.' I do, because that was us last year.

I know you wouldn't use it as an excuse, but how much does that distraction derail you?

You can't use it as an excuse. You can say that was why or whatever, but it didn't affect us on Sundays. He didn't dictate how we played on Sundays. It was a distraction, yes, in minicamp. We tried to not let it be a distraction, but when it came to performing, that had nothing to do with the 6-10 record.

Back to the contract, you said you had no plans on holding out. Are you sticking with that?

Hopefully, it doesn't even come down to anything like that. You never know. It's a business and I have to go about it as a businessman. The Packers are going to look out for the Packers and Greg has to look out for Greg, but at the same time, I don't want it to become a distraction to my teammates. That's not who I am. That's not who I want to become. Hopefully, it will all get worked out in the near, near, near future. Maybe you guys can put some good influence and some pressure on those guys (laughs).

You just have to be patient, right, because you know it's going to happen.

It definitely is a matter of being patient. Trust me, it's a matter of being patient. Honestly, I really don't think about it as much. Since I've been up here, everybody talks to me about it. Teammates, every single person that comes up to me talks to me about it. It's like, I'd rather not be here because I'm not ever thinking about it. My family, we don't talk about it. I haven't talked to my agent but three or four times. It's not on my mind until I'm here. I kind of shook my head at Ted (Thompson) yesterday, like, just jokingly. But it's all out of fun. I have confidence that something will get taken care of.

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