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The retired-for-now quarterback's interview on HBO generated plenty of e-mails and forum posts. Here are some of your best comments.

Brett Favre's interview on HBO and Packer Report publisher Bill Huber's commentary on the interview generated plenty of conversation, either through e-mail or our forums.

Here is a sampling of what you are saying. To join the conversation, go to our Smack Talk Forum or send Bill an e-mail to

A whiny, teenage girl as a quarterback


You are absolutely right in every way. To compare his going to the Vikings to Lombardi going to Washington is absolute nonsense. Especially when he admitted that his playing for the Jets was for revenge. If I did not know better, I would think that the NFL has a whiny, teenage girl pretending to be a NFL Hall of Fame (?) quarterback. How stupid does he think Green Bay Packer fans are? Once again, the Favre media machine is on the air to make Brett look like a saint. In my lifetime, I hope the Packer Organization DOES NOT retire #4 or put his name in Lambeau Field because honor and integrity are not synonymous with Brett Favre. It is selfishness and arrogance.

Thanks, Bill

— Ann Crispigna, Escanaba, Mich.

Favre kicks his fans in the gut

Hi Bill,

I read your column on Brett's statement he made to Joe Buck on HBO and I totally agree with you. There is no better way that Brett could use to kick all of us fans in the gut. Brett was my favorite player as I loved to watch him play, now I wish him a season riddled with injury, interceptions and to see him fall on his face. I will never again wear anything that has a reference to Brett on it. He thinks he is getting back at Thompson. He is not, but he is hurting his thousands of fans that were his fan base for years. Those of us who supported him through all the good and the bad. I am glad to see our writers agree with me that Brett is nothing more than a very selfish person who cares for no one but himself.

— Betty Sweeney, Plover, Wis.

Lombardi had class and ethics


I couldn't agree with you more. Favre is no Vince Lombardi, end of story. Lombardi was committed to the Packers and is perhaps the greatest coach in history. He had class and professional ethics. Favre is clearly in love with himself and just can't grow up. I mean what did Ted really do? He released a couple of good, but aging lineman and didn't pay huge bucks for Moss! So what? Since when has anyone thought Favre was smart enough to coach or be general manager? Regardless it's not his accountability or responsibility to pick players.

Even with all that, Favre LOST the last game of the 2007 season against the Giants. Watch the game again. There is a very telling moment where Favre, the Almighty, is sitting alone on the bench at one of the most critical parts of the game, looking out into oblivion. That look told me that he wanted to quit, it was too hard; he didn't have the fire. If he was a truly great QB then he would have won that game, won the Super Bowl and retired a true legend.

Now he will have stats, and perhaps another Super Bowl ring, but be sure he only wants the stats, because he personally blew three chances with the Packers to win it all. I wish him and his family a long and happy life, but I hope he gets clobbered and put out of football eating humble pie. What a moron!

Best Regards,

— Geoff Slater, Claremont, N.H.

The debate will be settled

Well, if he wants to prove a point, then more power to him. If he does play with the Vikes and they do take the division and go deep into the playoffs and look good doing it, one would have to consider that Thompson/McCarthy were wrong in not taking him back when he wanted to return.

But if it all goes sour in Minny for Favre, then all items will have been settled. And yet, either way, it will have NO effect on Thompson's or McCarthy's job status in Green Bay.

So, the reality is that it really shouldn't matter whether or not Favre plays for Minny unless fans are concerned that he is going to actually kick the Packers' butts and wreck a shot at a title ... in which case, go back to chasing the proverbial tail again regarding why Favre was sent Packing when he could have been retained!

I wish Favre well as a player. As a Viking, I hope he fails. But it does not diminish my view of his past work and life in Green Bay. He did a lot of charity in this community. And he was a large part of bringing Packer Football back from the realm of inconsequential. As a person, I think he is more honest than many former fans think. And as a businessman, I think he plays his cards no different than Thompson, considering it is OK to misinform and even lie to the public in order to protect your business leverage and position. It's a two way street and all sides played it the same way.

So good luck to Favre, Rodgers, McCarthy, Thompson, Ziggy and Mr. Peanut! And good luck to the Packers and bad luck to the Vikes!

— Gimpybutt

A bit of pity for Favre

I think he's a very scared man ... football means everything to him and he can't seem to let it go. He also strikes me as being a bit flabbergasted that the NFL was actually going to have a season without him. Either way, I have to feel sorry for the man, at least a little bit. I think the people around him are feeding his ego and influencing him to do something that he probably shouldn't.

The good news? All the drama and hype will be on the western side of the Mississippi River this summer! We'll only have two weeks of it here, during the season. Let all the soap opera garbage infect the Vikings camp, ours will be peaceful and dandy compared to last year's. Isn't Antoine Winfield holding out? Isn't the Williams wall facing a possible suspension? And now the Brett Favre media circus is coming to town in Eden Prairie, Minn.? LOL! We'll be too focused on X's and O's to be worried about all that other stuff.

— StudioFiftyFour

Beat the Packers to save them?

In some twisted way, does Favre believe that the only way to save the team he has loved for 16 years is to go to the Vikings, destroy the Packers on the field twice, win the Super Bowl with the Vikings (a perennially mismanaged team ) and demonstrate that Thompson is an incompetent GM?

Maybe Favre, like Thompson, is only thinking about what's best for the team "long term." Thompson made some pretty dramatic decisions that angered, offended and hurt some fans of the Packers, so why can't Favre? As long as it's in the long-term best interest of the team. Who really cares about one year or this year, its all about 5, 10, or 15 years from now, to set us up as a dynasty, right? Brett probably realized Thompson wasn't capable of building a Super Bowl-caliber team after he whiffed on Moss, Turner, Gonzo and any other impact offensive FAs, be it O-linemen or whoever. That was when he hatched his master plan to oust Thompson by any means necessary. As usual, Brett only has the best interest of the fans in Green Bay at heart.

— 4everman

Covering it from all angles

Wow, clearly still a lot of emotion about this topic. I'm done with it, but I admit I was pretty annoyed last year. Now, I'm just tired of it. Let him go to the Vikes, get it out of his system. Will he be happier a year from now once he's done - probably not. He's irrelevant to the long term future of either team. The odds are l-o-n-g on him getting to the Super Bowl much less winning it. The Vikes might have one nice year with him. If that makes the fans happy and gets them a stadium deal and has them staying in the division — fine by me.

As for the championship game throw, it was part of a pattern with Brett. Yes, IF he had held on just a half-second longer, he'd have perhaps had other options, but Brett was not inclined to hold the ball and take hits late in his career, which served him well in staying healthy and avoiding sacks. Sometimes, it didn't serve him well because the play didn't fully develop in some cases, which led to missed opportunities and interceptions. It's the good with the bad - the way it always was with Brett. I don't really have a huge problem with what he did. It's a team game and if the "team" had played better then maybe we don't need Brett to make a throw in overtime. Neither side of the debate can have it both ways. You can't say Brett won games for the team without also losing some for the team. By the same token, sometimes the team lost games when Brett did enough to win them.

The Lombardi reference Brett made is fairly different but Brett was "wise" to use it since it will fool some fans and media. Lombardi retired from coaching. He never asked the Pack to take him back. He never threatened to go to the Bears in a schoolgirl fit of revenge. Once he knew he'd made a mistake retiring from coaching, he simply left and found work coaching for a non-rival. If Brett had simply gone to management and said "I made a mistake in retiring. I'd like to play again and I understand you've moved on, let's work on a trade. I only have a handful of teams I won't play for" - this would have been largely a non-issue. (After all, he insists he came back for love of the game, so why would the team matter that much.) I remember Lombardi. I saw him live, in person, as a youngster. You, Brett, are no Vince Lombardi. Sorry, couldn't resist.

— GullrockGeorge

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