Flags flew often against Packers

Upon further review, the Green Bay Packers had the most penalties this year since the forgettable Forrest Gregg era.<p>

The Packers tied for 21st in the NFL with 108 penalties, the most under Mike Sherman in three seasons, and most since the strike-shortened 1987 season when Green Bay was penalized 135 times for 1,103 yards. That season included three replacement games. Shortly after the strike-shortened 5-9-1 year ended, Gregg departed for Southern Methodist University.

Gregg's 4-12 team of 1986 committed 128 penalties for 949 yards. Between 1988 and '98, the Packers were never penalized more than 99 times. The Packers were penalized 100 times for 808 yards in 1999 under Ray Rhodes.

In Sherman's first season, the Packers finished with 88 penalties for 685 yards, and were flagged 80 times for 633 yards in 2001. But this season, the Packers had 48 accepted penalties on offense, 44 on defense, 15 on special teams and one miscellaneous penalty against Sherman for a total of 913 yards. The Packers drew 21 false start penalties, 13 offside, 10 holding, and 10 pass interference penalties.

The Minnesota Vikings were the most penalized team in the NFL this season with 137. Houston finished with 136, Oakland 129, St. Louis 120, New Orleans 119. Kansas City was the least penalized team in the league with 75 and Arizona was second with 76.

Here is a breakdown of Green Bay's penalties in 2002:

Offense (48):

Delay of game (1): B. Favre, Sept. 15 at N.O.

False start (21): K. Barry, Dec. 29 at NYJ (twice); C. Clifton, Sept. 8 vs. Atl., Sept. 22 at Det., Sept. 29 vs. Car., Nov. 10 vs. Det., Nov. 17 at Min.; N. Davenport Sept. 22 at Det. and Sept. 29 vs. Car., E. Dotson, Oct. 7 at Chi., Nov. 10 vs. Det and Nov. 17 at Min. (twice); M. Flanagan Nov. 24 at TB; B. Franks, Sept. 15 at N.O., Sept. 22 at Det., Nov. 4 vs. Mia.; T. Glenn, Oct. 20 vs. Was., Nov. 4 vs. Mia.; F. Winters, Oct. 20 vs. Was., Nov. 4 vs. Mia.

Holding (10): T. Davis Sept. 29 vs. Car.; E. Dotson Sept. 22 at Det.; R. Ferguson, Oct. 7 at Chi.; M. Flanagan, Nov. 17 at Min.; B. Franks Nov. 24 at T.B.; M. Rivera, Sept. 15 at N.O.; F. Winters, Nov. 4 vs. Mia.

Illegal formation (1): Team, Dec. 8 vs. Min.

Illegal forward pass (1): B. Favre, Sept. 8 vs. Atl.

Illegal shift (4): Team, Sept. 22 at Det., Dec. 8 vs. Min.; E. Dotson, Nov. 17 at Min.; J. Walker Oct. 20 vs. Wash.

Illegal touching pass (1): R. Ferguson, Nov. 10 vs. Det.

Intentional grounding (2): B. Favre, Sept. 15 at N.O. (twice)

Pass interference (2): D. Driver, Oct. 20 vs. Wash.; J. Walker, Nov. 17 at Min.

Taunting (1): T. Davis, Oct. 7 at Chi.

Unnecessary roughness (4): B. Favre, Nov. 17 at Min.; M. Flanagan, Nov. 24 at T.B.; M. Wahle, Sept. 15 at N.O.; J. Walker, Nov. 24 at T.B.

Defense (44):

Facemask (5): M. Bowen (15) Sept. 29 vs. Car., and (15) Dec. 22 vs. Buf.; N. Diggs (15) Dec. 22 vs. Buf.; C. Hunt (15) Dec. 29 at NYJ; D. Sharper (5) Sept. 22 at Det.; B. Westbrook (15) Oct. 13 at N.E.

Holding (4): N. Diggs, Nov. 17 at Min.; T. McBride, Dec. 15 at S.F.; T. Williams, Sept. 29 vs. Car., Dec. 15 at S.F.

Illegal contact (2): M. Anderson, Oct. 20 vs. Wash.; T. McBride, Oct. 20 vs. Wash.

Offside (13): K. Gbaja-Biamila, Sept. 8 vs. Atl., Sept. 22 at Det., Oct. 7 at Chi., Oct. 13 at N.E., Oct. 20 vs. Wash., Nov. 4 vs. Mia., Nov. 10 vs. Det.; V. Holliday, Dec. 8 vs. Min.; C. Hunt, Oct. 13 at N.E., Nov. 4 vs. Mia.; B. Lyon, Oct. 13 at N.E., Nov. 17 at Min.; S. Warren, Dec. 15 at S.F.

Pass interference (10): M. Bowen, Oct. 7 at Chi.; N. Diggs, Sept. 22 at Det.; M. McKenzie, Sept. 22 at Det.; D. Sharper, Sept. 29 vs. Car.; B. Westbrook, Oct. 13 at N.E.; T. Williams, Nov. 4 vs. Mia., Nov. 17 at Min. (twice), Dec. 1 vs. Chi., Dec. 22 vs. Buf.

Roughing the passer (6): M. Anderson, Oct. 20 vs. Wash.; N. Diggs, Sept. 29 vs. Car., Oct. 20 vs. Wash.; A. Kampman, Nov. 4 vs. Mia.; T. McBride, Nov. 24 at T.B.; K. McKenzie, Dec. 1 vs. Chi.

12 men on the field (1): Team, Nov. 10 vs. Det.

Unnecessary roughness (2): C. Hunt, Oct. 20 vs. Wash.; H. Nickerson, Dec. 29 at NYJ.

Special teams (15):

Facemask (1): R. Ferguson (15) Nov. 17 at Min.

False start (1): R. Davis, Nov. 24 at T.B.

Illegal block above waist (4): M. Bowen, Nov. 10 vs. Det.; A. Edwards, Nov. 4 vs. Mia.; T. Marshall, Sept. 22 at Det.; M. McKenzie, Sept. 29 vs. Car.

Illegal touching onside kick (1): N. Wayne, Dec. 29 vs. NYJ

Holding (5): R. Ferguson, Dec. 8 vs. Min.; T. Franz, Oct. 20 vs. Wash.; T. Marshall, Nov. 10 vs. Det.; K. McKenzie, Nov. 24 at T.B.; M. McKenzie, Nov. 17 at Min.

Offside (3): D. Driver, Sept. 22 at Det.; A. Edwards, Dec. 15 at S.F.; T. McBride, Sept. 22 at Det.

Misc. (1):

Unsportsmanlike conduct (1): M. Sherman, Sept. 29 vs. Carolina

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