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We were live at Lambeau Field as Antonio Freeman and Dorsey Levens talked to reporters before Saturday night's Packers Hall of Fame induction banquet.

Packers Hall of Fame inductees Antonio Freeman and Dorsey Levens met with reporters before Saturday night's induction ceremony at Lambeau Field.

Freeman is being presented by former Packers long-snapper and current director of player development Rob Davis, while Levens is being presented by Bill Harper, who played Pop Warner ball with Levens in Syracuse, N.Y., in the early 1980s.

Here was our on-the-fly report from the Lambeau media auditorium.

Up first is Levens

Harper said he and Levens went high school together and played football together starting in Pop Warner. Says he'll talk about Levens the person at the induction ceremony. "Just basically touch on the kind of person he is and how his parents raised him into the nice young man he is today. He's a good friend to everyone and very humble."

Special in Pop Warner: Harper wanted Levens to play basketball and football in college. "He definitely had that ability. ... I saw it. I'm president of the Dorsey Levens Fan Club."

Levens introductory comments: Still teammates, not former teammates. Hung out at Davis' house last night. "Special relationships" and reflected on playing for some of the "greatest teams in Packer history."

"In hindsight ... we didn't do too bad while we were playing."

Highlight of career: NFC championship game vs. Carolina. "There was a process, and it all led up to that moment. That was definitely that moment."

Greatest play: Catch vs. Carolina in NFC title game. Trailed 7-0 at time. Needed to take advantage of home game and cold weather. Motto was "Super Bowl or bust, and we played like that all year."

Feeling when enshrined: "I'm already excited. I can't predict how I'm going to feel. I'm just going to live in the moment ... but I know it's going to be a special moment."

Transition in career: "Toughest part is being part of a family, the special relationships that you form. That's the thing that I miss the most. It's not working out, it's not practicing or anything like that. It's the relationships that you form with guys you've been in battle with. All of my friends have been athletes. We're all wired the same."

Obligatory Favre: "I love it. I think it's great for football." Understands both sides. "It will be the hottest ticket in town. Everybody's going to watch the game."

Favre's career tarnished: "No, it will be brushed aside." A few years after Favre is really retired ... "Who's going to be upset?"

Relationship with Freeman: "Good friends. The relationship that we have is unique is I've seen a side of him that you guys aren't privy to. I know when he's going to have a good game. ... It's a special relationship."

Played in NFC title game together for Philadelphia. "Very dear friend, and we'll be friends forever."

On Ryan Grant (both were No. 25 for Packers and both played for Notre Dame): "I like his style. He's a tough, physical runner. Cut from the same mold. ... It was sort like I was reincarnated." Likes him on a personal level.

Up next is Freeman

Rob Davis leads off on Freeman:

Joked that he hadn't come up with anything. Flattered, considered number of Freeman's teammates and relationship with brother. "I was absolutely honored." Called other players for stories. Consensus was "we don't have anything clean enough."

More Davis: Fun-loving. Don't recall seeing him mad or serious. Freeman made fun of Robert Brooks' music. Just a regular guy, despite stardom. Him and Favre were cheap. Never picked up the whole bill. Competitive, even in Madden video game. "That's how he learned to read coverages." ... "With Antonio, what you see is what you get." Talks once or twice a week. Great guy but misunderstood. Considers him a brother.

Freeman opening comments: Tremeondous honor. "Recollection of life." Family important, two loving young kids. "Just getting me on the right track."

Great coaches along way, from Pop Warner to high school to Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech to Mike Holmgren in Green Bay.

Got emotional talking about teammates, friends. "It's about me sharing my success with the people who meant so much to me."

Today is "about everyone else." Shows that people like him as a person, not just a football player. Derrick Mayes here, too. "There's no more football games. They're not coming to see a game. They're here to see me."

Has Web site to help current players and former players network. "I set goals and I shoot for them."

Miss most: Camaraderie in the locker room. "I can't go in the locker room and see Derrick Mayes, see Brett Favre, see Rob Davis." The locker room is like family - more than real family. When out of locker room, it's like being an "orphan." ... "We want to be a part of something again."

More Favre (like this is time for it): That's business. That's football. He's got to do what's best for him.

Favre's legacy tarnished: Today isn't about Brett Favre.

Many great moments: Brought in as punt returner. Brought punt back for TD vs. Atlanta. Then Super Bowl catch. "It was just an evolution." ... "I'm always thankful and grateful for that."

Made his niche in the slot. A lot of mismatches with No. 2 and No. 3 corners. Ability to move around "maximized my potential." Helped him overcome a lack of speed, though rarely caught from behind.

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