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You had questions and publisher Bill Huber had at least a few good answers as we talked on Wednesday. Join us on Saturday night as Bill chats with subscribers after the Family Night Scrimmage, and again on Wednesday night.

I've heard Dietrich-Smith get some positive mentions. I thought Hartline might have a shot. Anything to report on him?

Bill: I like Dietrich-Smith. Have from the moment I saw him. He pulverized Rouse on a nice run by Tyrell Sutton on Tuesday. I barely notice Hartline is on the field.

Were you at last nights training camp did you see the fights?

Bill: Yeah! My wife had a much better view because they were right next to where she was sitting with some friends. Unbelievable. Never seen intensity like that over an extended period. The defense has been kicking the offense's tail so consistently now that you could see it coming, especially with an extended scrimmage period.

How does the defense look in making the switch?

Bill: The defense looks much, much better than I expected, considering how many veterans on this offense. The defensive line looks good, and that's without Raji. They've been taking it to the offense practically every play. Desmond Bishop, as I've been saying since way back in March, is someone that they have to get on the field.

Speaking of B.J. when do you think he will sign his contract?

Bill: I don't see Raji signing for awhile. Nothing is going to happen until Crabtree and the Niners reach a deal. Considering Crabtree wants top-five money and he was picked at 10, that's a huge difference. Last year, No. 5's guaranteed money was worth more than No. 10's total salary.

How does Aaron kampman look in making the switch for lineman to linebacker?

Bill: Kampman's been looking pretty good. Much better than the offseason. He's still a liability if he gets stuck playing man-to-man with someone like Jermichael Finley, but those matchups probably aren't going to happen too often. Kampman was destroying people on Tuesday night. In a span of six plays, I think he had three stops at or behind the line of scrimmage.

Which player has been having a bad training camp?

Bill: Bad training camp ... Jamon Meredith stands out among the guys that we care about. He's nowhere near ready to play. I like his long-term potential though but he's not ready right now.

I know there has been talk Havner might be the 3rd TE - Instead, is there a chance they might keep 3 FB and 2 TEs?

Bill: I don't see them keeping three fullbacks considering that's a part-time job. Maybe 20-25 snaps a game from that position. I think he's got a chance. By my recollection, he's a "starter" on all the special teams.

Who do you think will end up being the right tackle?

Bill: I still say it's Barbre at right tackle. Giacomini hasn't shown me much. Missed too much of the offseason, but maybe he'll make a move. After watching Lang last night, I'm not sure if he's ready either but I wouldn't rule him out. But now, I'd say Barbre.

How often does dom put kampman in a man situation, because on almost all of your articles it says somewhere that kampman gets burned deep.

Bill: Maybe once or twice a practice. Now, is that a flaw in the scheme that teams can exploit? Or is Dom just testing Aaron to see what he can and can't do?

A linebacker shouldn't be covering anyone deep, in ANY defense.

Bill: Well, if you're going to blitz a safety and a linebacker off the same side, someone has to cover. You're gambling that you overwhelm the offense with numbers.

Well, I think Dom probably had a good idea of what he could do from film, but I cant see Aaron rushing EVERY single play or teams will find exploits.

Bill: True, but a lot of the time, he's just dropping into a zone. It's just on occasion that he's playing man and the offense happens to have a call with a TE going deep. It's all scripted, remember, so those matchups are being created intentionally.

I know I'm just saying...

Bill: I know what you're saying, and I'm sure at some point this season, we'll all be cursing our TVs when the offensive coordinator gets the best of Capers on a play. No scheme is perfect, otherwise everyone would run it. Sometimes, the offense just has the better play called.

I'm so excited about all this blitzing im hearing about that is ripping our offense to shreds.

Bill: It's so fun watching it at practice and trying to guess who might come and who might not. Lots of movement and bluffing. The corners are blitzing, the safeties are blitzing, they'll blitz both linebackers off the same side. It's an incredible amount of unpredictability.

How are the quarterbacks doing?

Bill: None of the QBs are doing well. I'm guessing they have a combined completion percentage of less than 50 percent in 11-on-11 situations, and probably 40 percent when you eliminate the dump-offs. It's not just them, though. The protection isn't there. When Rodgers gets time, he's playing well.

Bill, would you bring in Gus Frerrote to have some experience on the bench and let brohm go? Or is it too soon to give up on him. he really has looked awful. Or even Trent Green?

Bill: Boy, that's a good question on Brohm. You hate to give up on a second-round pick after just 16 months. He couldn't have thrown 71 touchdown passes by accident. Maybe the coaches see something that I'm missing.

I've been calling for a veteran QB and keep the better of the two kids. If Rodgers has to miss 4-5 games, can Flynn keep us in the Playoff hunt? I don't think so.

Bill: The only thing is this: If you think Brohm is your better guy, do you want to get rid of Flynn after what you've seen? If you think Flynn is the better guy, do you want to give up on a second-round pick in 16 months? Because it's awfully hard to keep four quarterbacks on your roster. They're in a tough spot because the seventh-round pick has outplayed the second-round pick. It's a tough spot. Either you get rid of Brohm or you hope you can get by for one game with Flynn while the veteran you've just signed gets ready for the next few games.

Frerrote did just enough to keep Minny on track last year.

Bill: Frerotte is horrible. If you think Tarvaris Jackson is horrible, and there's no way not to after watching him face the Packers a couple of times, then Frerotte must really be horrible because they benched Frerotte for Jackson down the stretch last year.

Ok, if you don't like Frerrote, how about Trent Green?

Bill: How many concussions does Trent Green have? I'm sure there's a veteran out there so I see your point.

Bill, Do you think Ted will bring in any punters if the two punters struggle again like they have been?

Bill: No doubt, but I'm not worried about that. I was talking to an agent who represents a lot of punters and he said he's never seen so many good, proven unemployed punters. So, let those guys battle it out. If neither of them are good enough, get rid of them and sign someone on Sept. 1 or whatever. Really, there's no point in getting rid of them now. Don't forget, Brooks Durant was considered the best punter in the 2008 draft so it's not like the Packers didn't do something to address it.

Bill, Is that true that even Mason Crosby has had his up and downs in training camp?

Bill: Yeah, but it's a loooonnnnng camp. With that said, I wrote about Crosby a couple times during the offseason between the Web site and the magazine. He was something like 26th in FG accuracy last year. Not good enough.

On the surface I thought he was better than that. WOW!

Bill: Kickers in the last few years have gotten really good. So it's easy to be mislead by Crosby's numbers. Not long ago, 80 percent was great. I was looking at Chris Jacke's numbers the other day. He was a really good kicker ... 75 percent for his career. Now, 80 percent puts you in the bottom quarter.

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