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Packer Report has received dozens of e-mails since Green Bay's 27-7 season-ending loss to the Altanta Falcons on Jan. 4. Here are a few opinions on the future of the team submitted by fans:<P>

Dear Packer Report; First I would like to say thank you to the Green Bay Packer football players and coaches for a wonderful, fun and exciting 2002 year!

With all the injured players I think it was a big year to go 12-4 in the season. The playoffs just shows you need the first-string players that have played together for a number of weeks to beat another playoff team.

With Mr. Brett Favre and his second-year recievers, a healthy line, Green and Henderson, and Franks, the offense is very good. But the Packers need to open the game up and not be so predictable!

Defense needs are secondary and linebacker.


All the return men were good. The other ten just didn't give them any kind of time or room to make a good return, punt or kickoff.

When you boo a person or a group of people it does no good at all. To do so in my mind is a classless act. You are hurting someone that you say you like or love, I agree with Windy Erd. The crowd should have jumped to their feet and started to chat, GREEN BAY! GREEN BAY! Let the coaches find out who is not performing and let them motivate the players. That's what they get paid to do!. YOU ARE NOT A LOYAL FAN IF YOU BOO YOUR TEAM! I have been a true fan since 1957, and i have never booed the player or team.v Respectively, Jerry Ingaldi,

Packer Report,

On Monday Jan. 6th, I watched with interest the Packer Locker Room show with guest DT Cletidus Hunt. One young questioner in the audience asked "What makes a team give up?" The answer that came next made my blood boil, he said, "I guess you look around you, see everybody hurt, and your hurt, and you just don't want to be there." Well, let me tell you, as a volunteer for Special Olympics, no player on the Packers can hurt as much as some of the players on out team, and NO ONE GIVES UP! But then again, these kids don't have wallets where their hearts should be!

What about the laborer who is so crippled with arthritis, who can hardly get ut of bed in the morning, but knows if he does'nt go to work, the bills don't get paid. Just remember, he has no off season to recover from his injuries. If the players dd'nt want to be there, why did they come? If you play a sport, you will get hurt, it comes with the job, along wtih a big paycheck, suck it up and get on with life, but don't use it as a excuse for not having a good work ethic. Just think of the message you sent that young man who asked that question, now he has an excuse for quitting too! I would'nt worry about contract extensions either, as you might get hurt next year!

Lee Gayan, Ironwood Mich.

Dear Laura and Others at Packer Report:

Amen and double-amen to the sentiments in your article about fan booing last Saturday night. I feel young at 44 years old, and, with my earliest recollect of televised Packer games at 7 years old and I too have felt Packer fans are different, in sickness and health, for better or worse. But I have never, ever seen or heard anything like that night-- The true nightmare of that game was the booing audience. I told my college-age son that the fans performance was worse than the Packers. The Packer players deserved to put bags over there helmets in shame.

I'll bet spoiled fans like that have never played on a team, never had a bruise, cut or even broke a sweat. I wonder if too many of the tickets were re-sold to the unfaithful, fans who lack wisdom, fans that drank too much during the day. Sheesh! I wish I could scold them all myself, one-at-a-time.

(Deep breath) I like your reference to Mr. McCarren. He is indeed as much "The Rock" now as writer and commentator as he was a player.

What are we to do? Here are three ideas:

1) I and others who share this opinion will share it with the 15-30 people in my Family and social sphere. One by one, we can get the word out that this is conduct unbecoming a Packer/Wisconsin sports fan.

2) Every sports editor can do just what you did. I hope other State Sports Media will also get the word out via editorial.

3) Would it violate the First Amendment to issue a behavior code of conduct to all fans entering Lambeau Field? Or would it be such a bad thing to put-up signs in the concourse areas and other gentle reminders that they are representing the State of Wisconsin to a potentially National audience?

I will write the Packers regarding #3.

Thanks Laura. Good job.

Ken Fisher

Dear Packer Report,

Congratulations to the Packers on another exciting regular season. Unfortumately we had to watch the home playoff invicibility bubble burst.

It's tempting to blame injuries, but the team has resisted playing that card all season and this is no time to start. Instead I think we need to look at the play on the field.

Under Nolan Cromwell, the Packers special teams was once a feared and powerful weapon. During the 2002 season we watched a punt "return" team with which we were relieved when a fair catch was successful. Darien Gordon became the scapegoat but, as JJ Moses and Eric Metcalf showed subsequently, neither experience or raw talent and enthusiasm help when the defender is in your face as you receive the ball. Worse yet, in consecutive weeks so called blockers are pushed into the returner causing muffs deep in the Packers zone. This couldn't be coincidence, opposing coordinators saw something on tape that the Packers missed.

Take away 14 points give directly from special teams gaffes, add 6 points for special teams failures on missed field goals and it's a tie game and the Packers have a 4th down at the Falcons one yard line. There's still no assumption that the defense is going to stop Michael Vick for the enire second half, but the game does look a lot different.

I'm sure that Frank Novak is a very intelligent football man but a new perpsective is needed on special teams.

Let's retool, get Joe Johnson and Vonnie Holiday healthy for 2003 and do it all over again, I'll take 12-4 every season.


Lonnie Simmons, La Crosse Wis.

Packer Report,

This is to all of you who call yourselves Packer fans yet booed the Pack (Jan. 4). Shame on you, you aren't worthy of those tickets you used to get into the game. Yes, the Packers lost..yes, they looked horrible but a true Packer fan wouldn't boo their beloved team. A true Packer fan feels upset, yes, feels let down, yes..but never ever do we boo our own players. The true Packer fans..other than those who couldn't go to the game, stayed to the bitter end and cheered for their team as they left the field. A true Packer fan loves this team no matter what.

Sure, it hurts to see them lose, but it hurts worse to see them treated poorly by their own fans.

Sincerely, Tracy Ann Mangold,

Packer Report, I would like to take a moment to thank the Green Bay Packers organization for a great season. The season was fantastic but the playoffs however were horrendous. I can't feel but let down. Being a Cleveland Ohio area resident all my life I have always been the biggest Packer fan. The feelings I experienced On Saturday night as I watched our team get man handled were the lowest I have ever had from watching my favorite team.

Granted there were a lot of injuries. But what I sensed was that we felt that we couldn't loose because we were playing at home and we have never lost a playoff game at home. That great tradition of never having lost a playoff game at home is now gone. Flat out, the Falcons wanted it more. Next time I hope the players don't feel like it is automatic that they will win. The Packers were out coached, out played, and out smarted. I spend a lot of money to come to Green Bay every year for a game. I spend money while I am there. The experience is out of this world. I just felt like we were let down. I will always remain a fan.

Allen Grasa, Lorain Ohio

Packer Report,

I'm very disapointed in our Packers. I don't mind losing a game when its hard fought and competitive. but they way we lost is just not acceptable.injurys will be blamed but really is it injurys.gilbert brown never practices but he plays. im a middle school coach and i dont play anyone who doesnt practice. why because hes more likely to get injured if hes not physically ready to play.i think gilbert loves that no practice but i get to play con. once again what is our home feild advantage if we practice indoors for our home games.this doesnt make any sense to me(soft).running the ball again on 3rd and 4th downs hum.starting to sound like the coaches arnt thinking.we werent prepared mentally or physically both work hand in hand with one another.i hope mike sees these things and corrects them.because its obvious to me that we are not conditioned well enough,not put through any tackleing drills and practices ,again indoors for our home games,have left our packers not ready to meet the challenge week to very sorry to say that this group of athletes should have been superbowl contestents, but the coaches didnt make them play up to thier potential.what a waste of great talent slipping through thier hands.packer fan always and loyal just pointing out what this football coach can see and sense.hard work and dedication is what it takes and somehow that slipped away from us this year on a weekly basis.we will get them next year.

Billy Hill, Mobile, Ala.

Packer Report,

I must say that I get a lot of laughs out of the scouting reports in Packer Report. According the scouting report, the Packers were supposed to have the edge in coaching over Atlanta just as we were supposed to have the coaching edge over Tampa Bay. Are you guys serious? Dan Reeves and Jon Gruden are pretty darn good coaches. They also have top defensive coordinators in Wade Phillips and Monte Kiffin.

As one of the 65,000 plus fans who attended last Saturday's debacle against Atlanta, I saw the Packers problems compounded by poor coaching decisions. The fans in the stands saw the punt hit the Atlanta players first. We all yelled for Coach Sherman to challenge the call and yet he sat there and did nothing. Unbelievable! The second bonehead decision was not running straight ahead and pounding the ball in when we had first and goal at the one yard line. Does Coach Sherman believe we can't get one yard running in four tries?

The return teams have been a joke all year and it is clear to anyone who watching the games that it is mainly because of poor blocking. It was common to see four defenders bearing down on our returner as soon as he caught the ball. Even Desmond Howard in his heyday couldn't break that many tackles. Changing the return man can't solve that problem and yet that is all the Packers ever did.

Coach Sherman was pretty sarcastic at the stockholders meeting when he said something to the effect that he appreciated the fans comments, but he knew what he was doing and didn't need any help. Hopefully, he has realized now that he doesn't know everything after all.

James DuBose

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