Packer Report Pictograph

Our Mike Krohn offers these shots from a recent training camp practice at Ray Nitschke Field.

One of forum moderators, Mike Krohn, is a regular at training camp and snapped these shots from the bleachers of the new Ray Nitschke Field during one of the morning practices.

No. 1 is of Will Blackmon returning a kick. No. 2 shows the punt return team working on its assignments. No. 3 is another of Blackmon returning a punt. No. 4 shows Greg Jennings after a catch. No. 5 has Aaron Rodgers receiving a shotgun snap, and No. 6 has Rodgers handing DeShawn Wynn out of the shotgun. No. 7 has Rodgers rolling away from the pressure of Mike Montgomery (96). No. 8 shows Rodgers firing a pass with Aaron Kampman rushing. No. 9 shows the No. 3 offensive line running a zone play, and No. 10 shows the line figuring out who's blitzing.

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