Here We Go Again With Favre's Jay Glazer says he'd bet the farm that Brett Favre will indeed sign with the Minnesota Vikings.

You had to know this would happen.'s Jay Glazer, who recently spent two days at the Minnesota Vikings' camp in Mankato, Minn., departed with the strong opinion that almost everyone in the organization believes that Favre will sign with the Vikings.

That the issue continues to fester is no surprise. Favre himself, on the day he left Vikings coach Brad Childress at the altar by announcing he would remain retired, said he'd continue working out .

"When I say nearly everyone I talked to on the team is convinced he's coming, that is not an exaggeration," Glazer wrote. "People from all walks of life within the organization talk about it as if it's no secret, almost an afterthought."

Glazer was at the camp with the host of Fox's pregame show, Curt Menefee. "It was crazy, it was like it was accepted as fact ... by everybody," said Menefee during a conversation with Glazer while en route to the airport. "It wasn't even like it was a secret. I've never seen anything like it."

There has been a lot of speculation that when Favre made his announcement that he was going to stay retired, it was due in part to his wish not to spend two weeks living in a dorm room. With training camp having broken, that is no longer an issue.

"If it happens, when is a good question," Glazer wrote. "While the one source says he thinks it will happen this week, I don't. If it happens, getting him in by the third preseason game would have been ideal, but waiting until the season starts to see if the Vikings starting quarterback falters could be another route. That way Favre can come riding in on his white horse."

The bigger question is, if it is true, would signing Favre at this late date have a divisive influence on the team? There was concerns last spring that there could be a split among the team – some favoring Tarvaris Jackson and others preferring Sage Rosenfels. But that talk was essentially buried when the Favre rumors heated up. There would no QB competition if Favre was in the picture. However, will that remain the same now that the preseason is underway and both quarterbacks have worked on their timing with the receivers? It would seem that, from the player perspective, once Favre took a pass on the Vikings that the team was moving forward without him.

"I'm a betting man," Glazer concluded, "and if I had to lay a bet down right now ... I'd be willing to bet my farm.

Said Packers tight end Jermichael Finley on Twitter: "What is Favre thinking?!?!?!"

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