Voice of the Fan: Opinions on Favre

We have the best of your e-mails regarding Brett Favre's decision to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

I asked for your thoughts on Brett Favre and you delivered. Here are the best of the 150-ish e-mails I received. If you haven't already, join the conversation in our Forums. And if you haven't weighed in with our poll click here to vote.

Adding a purple jersey

Ted Thompson has been trying to get rid of Brett ever since he came to Green Bay. He did everything he could to make him want to retire. Brett did so much for the Packers and Green Bay that he can never be replaced. We love him and are so happy he will be playing again. Some excitement in the NFC North again. Win or lose he is exciting to watch. Get rid of Ted Thompson . He Aint NO Ron Wolf. Where can I get a purple #4 shirt? I have a Jets Green one

Char Dohm,
Verona Wis.

He's the Vikings' problem


This is the first time I've written you and am proud to say that for 48 years I've followed the Packers. Living close to Chicago you can understand the Grief I've gotten from Bear fans. I can honestly say that I have 3 sons two of which are also Packer fans and one got caught up in the 85 Bear crap but that's how it goes. As far as Favre goes, he's now the Vikings' problem especially a torn rotator cuff — $25 million for a 40-year-old man. It makes me appreciate Ted Thompson more than ever. Thanks for listening.

Go Pack Go
Charlie Cornett.

Would love to shake his hand

My husband and I have been Packer fans for over 30 years. Moreover, we are Brett Favre fans. It was hard to watch him last year as a Jet and it will be even harder to watch him as a Viking. But, we truly love to watch him play and will continue to do so as long as he plays.

His legacy will be one of the very best, no matter what team he finishes for. My biggest dream would be to meet him and just shake his hand. He has given football a new meaning and we wouldn't miss him for the world.

We now live in Kentucky so we have to have DirecTV with the NFL package. It is a lot for us, but we don't want to miss a game of his.

It will be hard to watch the two teams play together, but Brett is our addiction. We can't get enough.

Thanks for listening.

Laurie and David Johnson
formerly of New Lisbon, WI
now Harrodsburg, Kent.

Favre's a winner in her book

Hi Mr. Huber,

Bill, I'm still a Packer Fan, but I'm still a Brett Farve Fan; and always will be.

I've been a Packer fan since 1967; you don't drop that long time "Fan Thing" so easily. But I'm still for Brett; why should I be mad at Brett? I feel he got a real bum deal from Green Bay during the last couple of years of play with them.

I won't drop him. He's not so easy to drop either. He's so exciting to watch play. He's a winner in my book.

Naturally I've got mixed feelings. But I'm for both until they play each other. I know, I didn't make it easy for you. But I tried to cover all touchdowns in my response.

Doris Kelly

No hard feelings

After listening to his news conference, I really don't have the hard feelings that I thought I'd have. I do blame Ted and Mike for the fiasco from last year. This is a business and that's a hard thing for Packer fans to realize. Brad Childress went after him. He does have a torn rotator cuff that might have to factor in to his playing this year. I'm a huge Packer fan, I really like Brett Favre and I think people have to realize Brett really loves to play the game. It will be difficult watching him play in a purple uniform but this too shall pass. He gave the Packers 16 great seasons.

I was very impressed with what I saw of the Packer game from Saturday. I don't think the Vikings will be a "shoe in" for the NFC North like people now feel. Our Packers may be a force to be reckoned with!

Joan Steinke
a Packer fan in Fort Myers, Fla.

Favre is electric to watch

My thoughts on Favre are this:

I have been a Green Bay fan since marriage (23 years ago) but truly my love of football did not start until I saw Brett Favre! Call it a girl thing, but when he steps on the field ... it's electric. I haven't taken my eyes off him or the Packers till Brett went to the Jets. Yes, I did get my Jet Favre T-shirt and was a one-year fan, but I will always be a Brett Favre Fan. But that doesn't make me a Vikings fan ... no way.

I do not like what has happened between the Packers and Favre and only they know what happened behind closed doors. (I'm taking Favre's' side on this).

I wish the best for Brett. I hope they go all the way so he can finally retire where he should be ... on top!! And maybe for Ted Thompson to wish he had him back!!!

Cherilyn Chiero

Why be mad at Favre?

Why should anyone be mad at Favre? Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy said he was not fit to play in Green Bay. That made him free to play elsewhere. If they were right then, there are no worries. If they were wrong then, the Executive Committee needs to fire them both at the end of the year for the biggest mistake in the history of the Packer organization.

Ted Thompson believed Aaron Rodgers was the QB of the future. He had better hope the past does not come back to haunt him. If Minnesota wins the division and Green Bay does not make the playoffs next year's Stockholder meeting will be interesting.

Patrick McKinley
Lifelong Packer fan

Forget about the turncoat

Heard the news and read some reviews and just heard Brett's interview on ESPN. What he says is probably not the deep-down feelings he is harboring. I believe he really wants to throw a touchdown pass against the Ted Thompson Packers and beat them would really rub the salt in the wound.

I think Brett has handled the situation pretty badly and put the Packers in a real bad situation. He won't play backup, so that wasn't an issue. I was a Brett fan for years and he gave the Packers some good years but he always did it "his way" and was not a real scholar or very coachable. I think this led to many mistakes that caused real important games to be lost do to his "my way" attitude. Fun to watch most of the time but certainly won't be fun for an old Packer fan to watch in a Vikings uniform.

Would hate to see him go out on a stretcher and end up a cripple for his family's sake but not welcome in Lambeau Field in that uniform as far as I am concerned. Hope the real Packer fans can separate from the Brett Favre-only fans and come together to back the Green Bay Packers and forget about the turncoat that got away. I think that Ted Thompson could be replaced with someone a whole lot more acceptable to the players, as well. As a boss and manager, he really leaves a lot to be desired. That is just an opinion from an old fan.

Gary Leigh

Thompson divided fans

I am mad at Ted Thompson as he has divided Packer fans. I will always be a Packer fan but I also love Brett favre for the wonderful 16 years he has given Packer fans and we should have let him play last year. I believe that he truly loves the game and now feels he has something to prove.

Ursula Rhode

How soon we forget good people

The Green Bay Packers are the losers, regardless of how the season develops, in not allowing Brett Favre to come back to play for them!!!

I lived on Stadium Drive in Ashwaubenon for over 30 years. Those years including the Glory Years with Lombardi. After the Lombardi years, there were many, many years when the coaches, managers,and team members took the Packers not only into the toilet, but the sewer. Young people were encouraged to stay away from them, to include my own children. I realize I am generalizing, but trying to make a point.

With the advent of the Favre years, the public relations of the Packers went straight up. He showed his fans what it means to be tough, pulled the team together, with the help of the likes of Reggie White, showed them how to persevere through hard times (the death of his beloved father, sudden death of Deanna's brother, Deanna's cancer, the loss of his mother's home). Not to mention all the records he broke as a player. He could have made more money by leaving the Packers, but he was loyal to the Packer organization and to his fans.

How soon we forget the good people do, when we disagree with some of their decisions. How easy it is to climb on the "hate Favre" bandwagon. Brett was probably the single-most positive factor in lifting public esteem for the Green Bay Packers, and I doubt very much if there would have been the support to build their wonderful new stadium were it not for him.

I for one, wish him the very best in his season with Minnesota.

Go Vikings!
Carole Garvin

Talking Favre around bonfire

We had a few friends over tonight around a bonfire. Some were Detroit Lion fans, one was a Minnesota Viking fan, and the rest were Packer fans and the one issue we all agreed on when discussing Brett Favre un-retiring again was when does a lie cease to be a lie? When is a reporter, any reporter, going to ask Brett Favre or Brad Childress why all the lies and deceptions?

Was Michael Vick lying to Roger Goodell, etc. any different than Brett Favre lying and saying to Ed Werder "I am retired"? A lie is a lie. Lack of character is lack of character. Lack of integrity is lack of integrity. It does not matter what it is about, who you are or think you are. When you look someone in the eye and say I am retired for good for three straight years (on national TV no less) or I am not involved in a dog fighting enterprise and you know you are not being truthful, it is a lie It is not gamesmanship or evasion or strategy. It is a lie!

Major League Baseball has steroids and Pete Rose. The National Football League has Michael Vick and Brett Favre. True examples of selling their souls to win. Honor, integrity, truth, and character be damned.

Ann Crispigna
Escanaba, Mich.

Should have tried to keep Favre

I am very unhappy with Ted Thompson and the Packer management, including Coach McCarthy, for not trying harder to keep Bret for at least one more year. When you are 13-3 and one game away from the Super Bowl, you do not make the management decision that was made to cater to a rookie QB.

I have been a Packer Fan for 61 years and am (ticked) off enough to not watch a single game this year. These same words were sent to Thompson right after they traded Bret to the Jets. I will concede that Rogers has QB skills, but he has no leadership ability and I do not believe he will ever take the Packers to the Super Bowl.

I am waiting to see if the Packer management will place Bret on the roster for a day when he becomes eligible for the Hall of Fame to go into the Hall as a Packer. If this doesn't happen, then I will definitely sever all relationships and souvenirs that I have of the Packers.

One unhappy fan!

J. R. Welsh,

A huge mistake


I sincerely feel for him — he is making a huge mistake!

The Pack will show no mercy because we are the superior ball club in spite of an unstable punting game (hopefully to be corrected with added competition) and lack of depth on the defensive line due to Justin Harrell's plethora of medical problems (hopefully to be corrected soon with the emergence of two powerful young rookie defensive ends from Georgia and Delaware respectively). We will go 11-5 unless an asteroid hits the planet. Out.

Rick Speciale

Divorce wasn't one-sided

Dear Bill,

Packer Fan since 1954. Favre Fan forever.

I would like to think that I am in the majority in my thinking. I am a season ticket holder and can't wait to see the Vikings come to Lambeau. I wouldn't be opposed to Brett having a great game against the Pack — so long as the final score shows a Packer win. The Packer-Favre divorce wasn't all one sided.

I think Brett waited much too long to declare his intentions about returning. I think Ted Thompson was wrong not to let Brett compete for the starting job after his decision to return. Isn't it every team's desire to put the best team on the field? Aaron Rodgers is doing a great job, and wouldn't it have silenced a lot of people if he competed and won the starting job against Brett?

Why should the Packer front office deny any discarded player the right to sign with whomever they want. If I wasn't wanted by my employer, would it be right for them to tell me where I could or couldn't work? Everyone knows the reason Ted Thompson wouldn't release Brett.

I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat on Nov. 1 and I hope the Packer fans both Pro and Anti-Favre show the world why Packer Fans are the greatest sports fans in the world.

Joe Kuhar
Janesville, Wis.
"Go Pack"

Sorry, Mom

My mother is a Vikings fan and today is her 79th birthday. She is smiling now, but will be crying after Favre throws interception after interception, causing the Vikings to lose.

Jeff Morud

Ego gets in way of Ring of Honor

You invited commentary from fans, so here is mine.

We should have seen all of this coming years ago as we witnessed his ego-mania when competing against top-flight quarterbacks. Especially in the playoffs. Never content to win with the game plan or system, it always was about Favre versus the other QB and his arm, throughout all those playoff runs of the post-Holmgren era. Every playoff run ended with Favre's ego and his interceptions. Usually 3-6 of them.

So why would it be any different now? Instead of Favre versus Kurt Warner, Donovan McNabb, Mike Vick, Daunte Culpepper or Eli Manning, its Favre's ego versus Ted Thompson. Really? We are living through this? Our generation's Bart Starr has likely, and deservedly, taken his name off the Ring of Honor at Lambeau Field. His odds for enshrinement in anything Packers should be the same as the rest of the quarterbacks mentioned above.

Our "Superman" has given up and gambled everything that he has earned with Packer Nation, but it is not for the love of a woman — it's to satisfy his own childish and underdeveloped ego.

The saddest part of all of this is that he can't win either way. His destiny lies on two unsavory paths. The stars could line up and he could limp into a Super Bowl a-la John Elway, by handing off to his star running back and throwing 15 TD passes ... but the more realistic scenario is that Peterson gets hurt as he has done every season of his football life, the receivers are mediocre at best, and the defense is overrated, especially against the pass. The Vikings go 8-8, probably splitting with Green Bay, or losing both. (Losing both almost seems inevitable if you consider the possibility of Favre's Ego versus Aaron Rodgers and the fact that sitting in Green Bay's backfield are four gentlemen that have intercepted hundreds of Favre balls in practice.) Add in a bicep tendon, a rotator cuff and a 40-year-old body, and I don't think this will be a pretty season for Favre, especially considering the extraordinary high expectations for the Vikings of "instant Super Bowl, just add Favre."

Jeremy Cerasoli

Still mad at the ‘holy trinity'

I'm not mad at Brett, I'm still mad at the Packers (Thompson, McCarthy and the third idiot who forms the holy trinity for the Packer organization). The lying and politics that came out of the Packer organization during Brett's on-again, off-again retirement a year ago were an embarrassment to the Packer organization.

I am a Wisconsin native and grew up watching the Packers. (I remember watching the Ice Bowl with my dad.) Thompson and the rest of that despicable crew have tainted and cheapened everything that the Packers, the fans, and Wisconsin stand for. The Packers are no longer unique because they are led by the same type of crass, thoughtless, and marginally skilled group of people who run the rest of the teams in the NFL.

Go Vikings!
Christine Kuepfer

Super Bowl bound?

Being a Packer Fan and living in Minnesota and hearing that the Vikings are Super Bowl bound every season is always entertaining. Favre won't be the answer either. I never watch the Vikings and I especially won't watch now that Favre has joined the circus! A Super Bowl team needs chemistry — no team will get that with Brett on it — it is all about him! What happened to our beloved quarterback? I guess he's forgotten where it all started and he definitely has abandoned his loyal Packer fans.

Cathy Stayberg

A different perspective

Your inbox is probably maxed out at this point.

Here's my take on all of this. First of all, please keep in mind, I'm a retired ballet dancer. I still dance at age 49, but not professionally. Ballet dancers have professional life expectancies probably shorter than NFL players due to injuries and being thinned out for not meeting the criteria of the company (or team, if you think of it in football terms).

Brett was a great quarterback and fun to watch. But there comes a point when it's Russian roulette with injuries and maintaining a high level of performance. One of the hardest things I had to do was admit at age 18 that my career was basically over due to back injuries, and then I had to learn how to take my love of dance and experience it in other ways.

Even at 49, I still dance, but it's not as a ballet dancer in pointe shoes doing "Nutcracker" for three weeks of performances. Instead it has been a long journey to discovering that I can use all that past talent and skills in other ways, as with community theater, musical revues (I took up voice lessons), and even some standup comedy.

The passion for dance was in part the passion for performance, and that's not too far off from Brett wanting to be back on the field with the Vikings. The difference is, beside the obvious monetary incentive, that early on I figured out how to explore other ways to stay active with my passion through other means. I cannot imagine Brett coaching anywhere in the NFL, but I can see him taking his enthusiasm and talent and working with young players from disadvantaged or troubled backgrounds and helping them learn about discipline, character, and the game and having fun.

Quite frankly, if I had to go back to the rigors of professional ballet even 10 years ago, it wouldn't have been fun anymore and there would always be this sense of wondering if I was going to perform badly and leave the stage with the audience wishing I hadn't set foot on it.

I am having a heck of a great time following what is rooted in that ballet background but just through different venues. Brett needs to do that now while things are still fun and while he has the ability to make those new goals happen. Going to the Vikings is the equivalent of a one-night-stand in an off-Broadway production in a starring role. When the show is over, no one will even care except maybe the people who mumble, "Didn't he do a stint with the Vikings at some point?"

Am I concerned for the Packers in the division with Brett with the Vikings? Not at all. Unfortunately, I think this is the year someone takes him out on a play and it's going to be ugly like a knee or shoulder. I know that sounds awful, but he has ticked off enough other defensive players not only with his former team but around the league who no doubt would like to just see him on the bench for the season. The saddest thing is that I don't think he has stopped to also think about what year after year of in and out of retirement has done to his wife and girls. It has to be very hard on them.

Thanks for asking for opinions. I am sure you are getting an earful today.

Amy Florence

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