Packer Report Q&A with Greg Jennings

We talked to the big-play receiver about the unselfish receiving corps and whether he'll play Sunday after suffering a concussion against Arizona.

Packer Report's Bill Huber talked to Greg Jennings about the Packers' productive and unselfish receiving corps as he works on the cover story for the new magazine, and Jennings also was in good spirits when talking about the concussion sustained on Aug. 28 at Arizona.

What's it say about this group, with four really good receivers, that there's no "me, me" sort of stuff among you?

There's really no need for that. We all pride ourselves in being the best at what we do. We all complement each other very well. We all get along very well. So, there's really no need for a, ‘Me, Me', ‘I, I' guy.

Where does that come from? Your parents?

I think it stems from parenting, but at the same time, you recognize that it's not just about you. It's a lot easier to accomplish something with someone else. Anything in life, you're always going to have to work with someone to get something done to accomplish something. The goal that we have with our team definitely is going to take more than just one person. I think in recognizing that and knowing that, it becomes even easier.

What's it say that the guy next to you (Donald Driver), the elder statesman of the group, isn't that way?

It starts from the top down. When you have a guy like Donald who's been doing it for 52 years now, you can't come in and be that guy if you're watching the guy who's above you and he's not that way. It trickles down. It becomes a domino effect.

Greg Jennings joins the fans after scoring against Cleveland.

Has that always been you, even back in Pop Warner?

That's always been me. I've never been a selfish, ‘I, I' guy. Most of the teams that I've been on, I've been the guy. I never made it about me. I always tried to make sure my teammates felt like they were just as important, regardless of whether that was the facts or not. That's just always been my mentality.

How good can this group of receivers be?

I think we're as good as we want to be. There's still some things that we need to accomplish and make suer we buckle down and get better at and improve at. But we can be as good as we want to be.

Was it tough learning that Ruvell Martin had been released?

Yes. This was a tough one, I think for all of us. You guys witness it, when we play spades, that's my spades partner. He was my roommate. Aside from that, he's just a great guy, Great, family-oriented guy. Stands for all the right things. You want a guy like that to stick around, but you understand that it's a business. Unfortunately for him, he's not with us, but fortunately for him, he has some opportunities to not be as deep on the depth chart somewhere else. Hopefully, he gets an opportunity to perform and showcase his talents.

How are you feeling (after your concussion on Aug. 28)?

Good. Never better. Never better.

Have you been cleared for Sunday?

I was fully cleared, as far as I was concerned, right after I came to my senses. It was an uncomfortable feeling, don't get me wrong. It was a very scary feeling. Once I started regaining what was going on, I was good.

Did you black out at all?

Yes, before i even hit the ground, I was completely out for about 20 minutes. I wouldn't say completely 20 minutes. I was responsive but I didn't really gather everything that was going on. When I really came to my senses, it was 10-zip, it was the second quarter and we had the ball. I'm like, ‘What happened?' It's all part of the game

So, you'll be playing on Sunday?

I don't know. Let me think about it. We'll see. Who knows? (laughs). Yes! I'm joking.

Are you still concussed?

That's been the line for the last week. Anything I do is like, ‘Greg, are you all right. Are you concussed?' No, I'm good. As long as the coaches let me play, I think I'm going. You'll have to check (laughs).

What do you make out of the offense's explosive preseason?

It's something to build on. Definitely, something to build on. You don't just look past it. But at the same time, preseason doesn't count. We definitely want to build on what we had going. There's still some room for improvement. obviously. I think that's the case with every ball club. What we were able to accomplish as an offense and as a team was pretty solid. We're looking forward to sustaining that throughout the regular season.

Is it exciting to play against a division rival to start the season?

It's exciting. It's definitely exciting. Hopefully, if I can play in this ball game, it will be even more exciting. (laughs) It's exciting. Definitely, you couldn't ask for a better opener. Sunday night. Prime time. I might be watching, I might be playing, you never know.

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