NFL Draft

Entering this year's draft, the road map of many teams points to a QB. There is a long list of teams that are starved for the QB that is going to make their team into THE team. After a blissful decade of not getting into the first-round QB feeding frenzy, th Packers find themselves among the hungry as Brett Favre enters his 13th season. Can lightning strike one franchise twice?

We know that at least two and perhaps three QBs will be snapped up by the time the Packers pick. Whether it's Cincinnati or someone who trades into the spot, Carson Palmer the likely No. 1 pick. Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich, whose stock keeps rising, may go at No. 4 to the Bears -- if not before.

Draft rumors have several teams looking to slide into the Houston Texans' pick at No. 3. The Texans haven't sent signals that they'd be willing to move, for a steep price in order to amass a fortune of picks.

Besides Cincinnati -- which obviously doesn't need to move -- and Chicago, which may stand pat in the fourth slot because of the wealth of QB talent, four more teams are gunning for a gunner. The rest of the list includes Carolina, Baltimore, Denver and Green Bay. Add Arizona to the list, too, if they lose starter Jake Plummer to free agency.

As the competition heats up, it looks as if Mel Kiper's link of the Packers and Cal QB Kyle Boller might be wishful thinking for GB. That's a steal that is not likely to be overlooked by the others in the hunt. He may even end up with the Bears, although Chicago may be superstitious about using a first round pick on a QB from the state of California after the whole McNown debacle.

The flip side of the QB coin is this: Teams not in that chase may find unexpected players available when it's their turn on the clock. Teams who need a QB soon -- but not now -- like the Pack, may find another unexpected gem dropped in their lap.

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