Senior Bowl Q&A: John Jerry

John Jerry, an offensive tackle from Ole Miss, is the brother of Atlanta's first-round pick, defensive tackle Peria Jerry. See what John Jerry had to say about his brother and what position he'd like to play in the NFL.

Between an on-the-field interview with the Baltimore Ravens and a conversation with this reporter, Ole Miss offensive lineman John Jerry was stopped in his tracks by a former coach.

"You're doing great, man," the coach exclaimed. "You're getting better!"

Jerry's former teammate, brother Peria, was a first-round pick in April by the Atlanta Falcons. John Jerry won't be a first-round pick but he'll be an early-round selection as either a guard or right tackle. He certainly is helping his stock at the Senior Bowl, where he is arguably the second-best tackle prospect behind LSU's Ciron Black.

Q: You played two positions in college, right?

A: I played right guard and right tackle.

Q: Same thing here?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: Any preference in the NFL?

A: It don't matter. I think I could be a better guard because I like getting real physical and I like being on the inside. It allows you to get on guys a lot quicker. If a team needs me to play tackle, I'll do it. No hesitation.

Q: But tackles make more money, you know.

A: Right! (big laugh)

Q: For those of us who don't live in the South and haven't seen a lot of you, what would you say is the strength to your game?

A: I think the strength of my game is my run blocking, definitely.

Q: Is there anyone who was instrumental to you getting to this point?

A: I credit my big brother. He took me in and pretty much showed me the way. I'm pretty much just following the road that he laid out for me.

Q: He plays defense and you play offense. Who wins that battle?

A: I don't know. I can't even say I'm going to win. It's going to back and forth. I'm competing with his (butt). You know that would be personal.

Q: Is this fun, considering what's at stake this week?

A: Man, this is fun. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I'm just enjoying getting to know different guys from all across the country. It's great, it's great.

Q: Playing in the SEC, you face good competition every week. But is this still a measuring stick for you?

A: This is all about competing. Whenever you get out there, you've got to compete. That's what it's all about. I'm a competitor. I hate to lose. It will eat at me all night. I'm going to compete.

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