Senior Bowl: Wednesday O-Line Rankings

Who is rising and who is falling among the blockers? At the top, Mike Iupati and Cyron Black remain a comfortable one-two in our rankings, but there have been some changes in the middle of the list.

Mike Iupati, Idaho

His body of work from the first two days holds up. Iupati, like a lot of the linemen, were on the move on Wednesday. That meant Iupati, who played left guard all through college, was playing right tackle. Different stance, different footwork, different hand on the ground. He did OK but certainly wasn't the unbeatable standout he had been. At 6-foot-5 and 325 pounds and as strong as an ox, forget about bull rushing him. And with feet good enough that some scouts wonder if he could play left tackle, nobody is going to beat him with inside speed. With the longest arms of any prospect and nimble feet for his size, he's hands down the best lineman in Mobile.

Ciron Black, LSU

If Iupati is the best lineman, than Black is the best left tackle prospect. Like Iupati, Black was on the move. He spent a big portion of practice at left guard. The 331-pounder, who had no trouble handling speed rusher Brandon Lang on Tuesday, looked right at home inside, where his strength was a big asset. In two reps against possible first-round pick Dan Williams, Black won with ease. If you can handle speed and power, you've got a long career ahead.

J.D. Walton

The big move of the day goes to Walton, who went a tremendous 5-1 during one-on-one pass-rushing drills. The most impressive victories came in a decisive sweep against Texas' LaMarr Houston, who is a touted defensive line prospect. At 6-2, 300, Walton has been strong enough to handle power and quick enough to handle inside moves.

John Jerry, Mississippi

On Tuesday, we asked whether the 6-foot-5, 332-pound Jerry was a guard or a tackle. Well, we know he's not a left tackle. Jerry struggled at the line's most difficult position, but it shouldn't hurt his stock too much. He was beaten by Troy's Cameron Sheffield and East Carolina's C.J. Wilson during one-on-ones. Jerry thinks guard might be his best spot, because that's where he gets to put his mean streak to use. But teams need tackles to protect the quarterback, and Jerry had looked good in pass protection.

Matt Tennant, Boston College

Tennant and Walton are jockeying for draft position this week as two of the top senior centers. At 6-foot-4 and 290 pounds, Tennant is the "runt" of the offensive linemen here, but that hasn't been much of an issue. Proper technique and leverage win most of the time. He showed some feistiness by shoving nemesis Cam Thomas to the turf at the end of one snap.

Selvish Capers, West Virginia

If Capers (6-4 1/2, 304) can stay low, he's got the potential to be a very good tackle. He looked better at right tackle on Wednesday then he has on the left or right side the first couple days. He also showed some aggression when he drove Antonio Coleman to the ground with authority.

Vladimir Ducasse, Massachusetts

Ducasse (6-4 1/2, 326), a stud left tackle at a Football Championship Subdivision school, doesn't appear to have the feet to play tackle in the NFL. That's why scouts think he'll make a better guard. So, while Ducasse has been thrashed repeatedly in one-on-ones at practice, it probably doesn't bode poorly for his draft stock. There just aren't many good tackles in Mobile, so he's been playing there by default.

Jeff Byers, USC

Byers withstood a bull rush by mammoth Terrence Cody but tripped and fell to give up a sack against Georgia's Geno Atkins.

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