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Cornerback Kyle Wilson surged up draft boards with a brilliant week at the Senior Bowl and could be a fit for the Packers with the 23rd pick of the first round. We will follow Wilson's path to the draft in this Scout.com exclusive series.

Kyle Wilson (5-foot-10, 190 pounds) capped his impressive collegiate career with Boise State with an even more impressive senior season. He registered 40 tackles and three interceptions. He returned two of those for touchdowns. The well-rounded defensive back also was the Broncos' primary punt returner. He's working out in Orlando, Fla., where he is putting the finishing touches on everything for next week's NFL Scouting Combine. He takes us inside the predraft process in this exclusive series tracking his path to the draft.

Amberly Dressler: Talk about your experience at the Senior Bowl, was it what you expected?

Wilson: That whole experience down there was something that I will never forget. The main thing that I really took back from it was the relationships that I formed with my teammates. Just meeting everyone that you see on TV and really getting to know those guys, practicing with them, being in meetings with them and becoming a true professional with them, was just an enjoyable experience. You know, I keep in contact with a lot of those guys. Everyone exchanged numbers that was just the real joy of playing the game. I also had a good time out there at practice getting better in front of all the scouts down there.

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AD: Where there coaches or players in attendance that you were star-struck or most impressed by?

KW: Definitely all the coaches. The whole Detroit Lions staff and Miami Dolphins staff. It was different. I don't want to say it was shock but it was definitely different to meet some of those guys and have the opportunity to practice in front of them. To put your stamp and go play out there right in front of them, up close and personal.

And definitely some of the teammates that I've met. Definitely [Sean] Weatherspoon from Missouri and Mardy Gilyard from Cincinnati. It was really nice to meet them, and I enjoyed playing with them and practicing with them.

AD: Were you able to accomplish everything you wanted to down in Mobile?

KW: Yes; I definitely went down there with a plan. I think that I was very prepared. I went down there with goals, and I definitely achieved them. I really just wanted to go out there and really show up like I've been doing all year. You know, in practices and in games. And really just show my full body of work. I definitely think that I achieved that. I left it all out there in Mobile.

AD: What are some of your goals for the Combine?

KW: My goals for Indianapolis are to just run fast. I've put in a lot of work. I am just going to head down there, just have some fun and let it all hang out. The one thing that I want to do is just run fast and have fun.

AD: Is the 40-yard dash what you've been focusing on the past couple weeks?

KW: I try to get a combination of everything. But definitely the 40 is a big test, and I want to kill it. I've been working on pretty much everything down to a tee since I've been here (Orlando). But the 40 is something that I am looking to do very well in.

AD: How would you describe your playing style?

KW: I would describe my playing style as just a do-it-all playmaker. If I could narrow it down to one thing, I can definitely cover. But I can do it all. I make plays; I play everywhere; I am very versatile. But I love to cover.

AD: What do you bring to a team in terms of personality?

KW: I think I am a great teammate. I am team captain of my team, definitely a people's person and definitely a hard-working individual. I am a good teammate. I am looking forward to the opportunity to just gel, blend with the team and to follow the older guys and veterans lead to a successful season.

AD: Who are some of the mentors or supporters that have helped you get to where you are today?

KW: I'd say my family, definitely my immediate family of my two older brothers and both my parents. I can always lean on them for all types of advice. I think that's what motivates me to go do my best out there, to really put a smile on their face.

Our next check-in with Kyle Wilson will come later this month at the NFL Combine. Did you miss our Senior Bowl feature on Wilson's tricked-out RV? If so, click here.

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