NFL Draft

The last time the Packers went looking for a quarterback, then-GM Ron Wolf found Brett Favre. That pretty much tells the story of why Wolf's hand-picked successor, GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman would call on Wolf as the Packers face the impossible task of someday replacing Favre.<p>

Wolf, still a consultant with the Packers, answered Sherman's request this week. Wolf flew to Green Bay to review quarterback prospects alongside the GM/coach. Wolf reportedly spent about five solid days in Green Bay analyzing the QBs available in the April 2003 NFL draft.

According to reports, Wolf spent most of his time breaking down tape of about a dozen collegiate QBs, presented written reports, sat in on personnel meetings and consulted with Sherman.

"I was just a small part of it," Wolf said of the Packers' evaluation of the quarterbacks. "(Sherman) called me in to do some things and I did."

Wolf modestly deferred to Sherman on most issues connected with the Packers' April draft.

"I think most of that should come from him.

Wolf's tenure in Green Bay included the draft acquisitions of Ty Detmer, Mark Brunnell, Matt Hasselbeck and Aaron Brooks, all of whom went on to become starters in the National Football League.

That track record alone is reason to believe in Wolf's prowess in the draft, said Packer President Bob Harlan.

"I thought it was (smart)," Harlan said. "You look at his track record and I think it makes a lot of sense. You get another guy's opinion, someone who will give you something to think about."

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