NFL Draft

Here's what former Packer GM Ron Wolf -- the man who brought Brett Favre to Green Bay -- had to say about this year's collegiate QB class and more. Wolf analyzed the crop for the Packers at the request of GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman.<P>

"I think it's pretty good, but it's probably over-hyped," Wolf said of the QBs the Pack has to pick from. "I didn't look at the top guys, so I can't speak about them. But overall I think it is a little over-hyped."

USC's Carson Palmer and Marshall's Byron Leftwich, the top guys to which Wolf refers, are likely to be long gone by the time the Packers pick at No. 29. But any one of a host of first-day prospects including Florida's Rex Grossman, Cal's Kyle Boller, Louisville's Dave Ragone and Texas' Chris Simms could be available.

Wolf didn't limit the Packers' draft needs to QB. He told reporters that in his opinion, the Packers are in good shape offensively but have to work on their defensive lineup.

"What do they have to do to get better?" Wolf asked "They've got to get some linebackers, they've got to get some dynamic force, a true difference-maker.

"They need four capable -- more than capable -- corners.

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