Ted Thompson's Pre-Draft News Conference

The Packers' general manager just concluded his Friday news conference to discuss the three-day draft that begins on Thursday. We have the on-the-fly highlights of Thompson's comments.

As we wait for general manager Ted Thompson to address reporters here in the Lambeau Field media auditorium, here is a rundown of the Packers' eight draft picks:


Round 1: 23rd overall


Round 2: 56th overall

Round 3: 86th overall


Round 4: 122nd overall

Round 5: 154th and 169th overall (No. 169 is compensatory pick and can't be traded)

Round 6: 193rd overall

Round 7: 230th overall

Highlights from Thompson's press conference will begin here. This was done on the fly from the auditorium, so please forgive the typos.

- "You'll get a lot of answers today," is his opening comment.

- Trade up or down? "We'll do anything. If it helps our team, we'll try to do that."

- Wheeling and dealing with three days: "I suppose there will be more conversations." Always "quite a bit of trading" anyway. Late rounds are 5 minutes so that cuts into it. "Whether there will be more trades" he doesn't know.

- "I love it" because commissioner made it that way, he said of first round on Thursday.

- Reset board after Thursday's first round: Maybe not because first round generally goes close to as planned.

- Disadvantages to new format? Doesn't know. Hasn't done it before ... so that's a disadvantage. "Change is not a comfortable thing for people like me."

- April 15 RFA tender has passed: Daryn Colledge has not signed, as far as he know. "Three or four" he says ... says he's not paying attention. Tramon Williams hasn't signed either. Nor has Jolly, Bigby. He thinks.

- Needs to fill: Says doesn't think that way because that's when mistakes are made. Hope guys fall into right place.

- Impact of 2009 class: "I thought they did pretty good. Certainly, Clay made a huge impact." ... "I'm hoping that we can build on that" with that group. "Hopefully, the best is yet to come."

- Left tackle: "There are a lot of positions where you'd say we'd like to do this or we'd like to do that. ... If it makes sense, sure. I don't think it's a necessary thing."

- Seriously?: "Sure, but our offensive line group, the core is building up to where we can have more flexibility. ... If there's someone available, certainly that's going to be a consideration. But we're not going to reach on somebody."

- Cornerback ... lot of guys coming back from injuries with Lee, Blackmon, etc. Comfort level with those guys and Al Harris: "I would anticipate all of those guys being healthy and ready to go" at some point either at start of camp or end. "Those guys are good players."

- Scouts meet with coaches about a week ago to show board. Coaches contributing their reports now and are trying to "work through differences." Meeting with coaches again on Monday.

- Brian Westbrook: "He's a really good player. ... Other than that, it would be nice to have a good player but nothing's imminent."

- Character importance: Yes, but it is for every team, too. "We do a lot of work on these guys ... but you're still dealing with young men who are still learning their way in life." Always question marks about future and their pasts. Were mistakes out of character "or is it something else."

- Every year, he takes people off board on character issues.

- Gave his generic "good draft class" opinion.

- Approach change once overall talent of team changes, and where do you see team: "I think we have a chance to be a pretty good team." Attitude isn't any different because he's thought he's had good team the last few years. Always important to add because Player X might not be on team in a couple years.

- Let board come to you is best way: Depends on circumstances. Move up if player is worth losing the extra picks. "Picks are important but they're not the end-all, be-all."

- Jeremy Thompson's status: Waiting for medical info on his future.

- "Not oblivious" to need but doesn't want to reach on a player. Cracks joke about Portland not picking Michael Jordan.

- Spends a day working on each position. Closer to draft, starts comparing position to position, such as a receiver vs. a defensive tackle.

- Wouldn't rule out signing/drafting a third punter.

- O'Brien Schofield, who tore ACL at Senior Bowl week after dominating East-West game and starring for Badgers: "It's a shame. Doesn't mean it's the end of the world. It just means there may be a little bit of a delay getting started. Good player, really good player, great kid." Project that he could be a 3-4 OLB? Did play OLB in East-West game and was MVP of the game.

- Really good left tackles come early usually. Clifton was an exception as second rounder: "Offensive tackles, they're not that many of them. Sometimes you can get lucky but most of the time, if you're a quality player who can play right away, you get scooped up pretty fast."

- Feel good about options on OL: "I think I feel better than you guys do."

- Are you serious (my translation of question, not the real question): "I have a lot of faith in our guys." Hopes the starting five can stay healthy for a change.

- And that's all from here.

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