Clifton holds no grudges against Sapp

Chad Clifton, who suffered a season-ending injury, as a result of a blindsided block by Tampa Bay defensive tackle Warren Sapp Nov. 24, told a Tennessee radio station that the play was legal and he holds no animosity toward Sapp.<p>

"I got blindsided in a perfectly legal play," Clifton said on Thursday. "The way I landed on my hip torqued my whole body and ripped some muscle and ligaments."

Clifton, who missed Green Bay's final six games, recently underwent arthroscopic knee surgery for a injury prior to the pelvic injury. He said he is still undergoing physical therapy but expects to participate in off-season workouts and be ready for training camp.

"I'm not bitter toward Warren Sapp," Clifton said in an interview with WCMT in his hometown of Martin, Tenn., on Wednesday. "I hold no grudges at all. It's part of the game and you assume the risks when you play."

The National Football League, upon further review, deemed the Sapp's block legal. But Packers coach Mike Sherman confronted Sapp after the game and said the hit was unnecessary.

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