Packer Report Draft Blog: That's All, Folks

The 2010 NFL Draft has ended here at Lambeau Field. The final pick is fired-up defensive end C.J. Wilson of East Carolina. Before he talked to reporters, Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy met the media. We have their on-the-fly comments and all the news from today.

Wilson fired up

Heard third through sixth round so fired up now that he landed in the seventh.

What happened: No idea, but I'm very fired up about it and I'm so 100 percent sure that he's better than some of the guys drafted over him.

How use motivation: He'll use it all to work hard and make the team and help the team win. Get in rotation and cause aggravation to offensive line of every team that passed him up.

Strength of game: Speed.

Durability: Blessed and thanks God. No broken bones serious injuries since he started playing when he was 9.

Not sure how he'll be used.

Rams wanted to sign him as undrafted free agent; Browns, Bengals and others talked to agent.

Piano player/sacking quarterbacks: Playing piano is relaxing and soothing. Would rather sack quarterbacks.

Numbers down a bit as a senior: Got more attention from offenses, sliding protections, chipping with backs and tight ends. Played heavier than in 2008. Was defensive MVP of C-USA in 2009, though.

Comfortable at current weight of 290.

Biggest transition: Better technique with hands.

What know about 3-4 and role in it: He can rush passer inside and can play every down at defensive end.

McCarthy meets the press

Excited for draft picks to contribute and compete. We really like the draft class from top to bottom. All of the picks were highest rated on board.

Comfy with skill guys: Wasn't the plan; just worked out that way. Took best player. Have to be smart with injured skill guys coming back. Going through that now.

Starks' health: Doctors are in draft room, reports reviewed and talked about. Comfortable with his situation.

Better team in 2010 based on picks: We're a better football team today than we have been in the past, in my opinion. That's what's on paper." Likes way team looks on paper; likes who they picked. Adding more undrafteds. Easy to get away from best player available but team did that. Now, coaches have to maximize the players' opportunity.

Lost games to good QBs ... is defense better now: Biggest improvement will be from within since first day of offseason program. Defense will be a year better with communication, timing, fits, etc. Defensive staff has better feel for players.

Comfy with corners: "We had a number of injuries" last year. Does like younger players; theyr'e developing. "Yes, we're covered." Competition to get to final 53. When and if injuries, you have to overcome and that position was hit hard last year.

Quarless: Felt got good information about him. Made a mistake and he will learn from past experiences. If not comfortable, wouldn't have taken him.

Lines: Training camp will be most competitive training camp, both on offensive line and defensive line. Players will compete, more at one position than usual. One or two spots instead of two or three, like in past.

Bulaga at left tackle, Lang at right tackle. Morehouse ... to be determined.

Starks: Always liked bigger backs.

OLB depth: Not good enough for training camp so working on it.

Enough rush opposite Matthews: It's more than that. "I thought Brad did an excellent job." Other ways to get rush. Chillar can do it, Jenkins. Doesn't have to be just OLB.

Colledge at LG now that doesn't have to play left tackle: Daryn has lost starting spot and bounced back every time. Opportunity to play one position will definitely help him, and Daryn would atest to that. One is always better than two or three spots.

Spitz guard and center. Colledge at guard. Not an exact science because not enough numbers on 53-man roster to have backups for everyone.

Lang's primary position is right tackle. If 10 reps, seven at right tackle and three somewhere else instead of 3.3 at every spot.

Left guard: Colledge, Spitz, Lang.

Fourth QB: Maybe, but Pizzotti doing well as the third. He's intelligent.

Special teams: We're going to get better. Punting has stunk (ok, he said unacceptable) and penalties are biggest problems. Got to do better with fundamentals with young players.

Kickoff returner?: He's on the roster .... didn't draft one. Will do some things differently.

Thompson meets the press

Pleased but personnel department still working.

Anything not accomplished: Considering the guys we got, where we got ... surprised how things went well today. Only so many picks. Have to do what you do with the picks.

A lot of research on Quarless. Darren Perry went to Penn State so had some contacts there. Did a lot of homework.

No corners: It would have been fine if board worked but didn't work that way. "A number of guys" injured, Underwood young.

Fifth round had run on corners: Had to wait so long and say "Boy, that was a good pick." doesn't remember anything specific. Quarless was "by far our highest-rated" player.

No pick in fourth: Considering who they could have taken, were happy to have had Burnett instead.

Pass rush opposite Matthews: Jones and Poppinga on roster yet. "we're going to work at it."

C.J. Wilson: Had no idea why he dropped. Fired up to show people made mistake. Liked him a lot. "Felt like we knew him very well" scout Brian Gutekunst's dad works at ECU.

Surprises: "Nobody will be there" when they were going to pick in fifth but found guys of value anyway.

James Starks: A lot of work on 2008 tape. Know the coaches there (Turner Gill). Met with him at Combine briefly. Felt like a good pick. One-cut guy with good hands. No-nonsense.

Undrafteds: Not going to sign to just sign because they count against the 80. Certain guys they want. Sometimes the guys they brought in for visits.

O-line: Feels good ... better with additions. I think they'll fit in good. Likes the new guys and they'll fit in.

Looked like help at corner and maybe an OLB but got neither ... feel good about the guys they have?: I disagree. I think we have guys who can come in and make an impact. "Still doing some work at the outside linebacker spot."

Temptation to go after need picks because close to title: Sure. We go up to get players but don't chase needs. This isn't about shooting the moon. That's not the way the NFL works. It's an ongoing thing. Always evolving so trying to add growth. Added quality. These guys are going to play and start. "Absolutely need them right now."

OLB follow-up: "We're working on it" Nothing groundbreaking he says. Don't think it's as dire as everyone else. Would like to add more.

Pat Lee: "it's about being able to answer the bell." Doing great now. Liked him then; liked him now. Think he'll do a good job.

Punter: We think we might (have NFL-caliber punter). "We'll see" when asked if he's going with Masthay and Bryan.

Quarless again: Looked into him ... doesn't think will be ongoing problem.

Another QB: If find the right guy, we might.

Pizzotti (the Harvard kid) can throw at rookie camp, even after year in league.

Starks could return kickoffs but hasn't seen him do it.

Will Blackmon: We think all of those guys are on track to be back.

Starks is tall ... big target: He gave out some punishment. He's tall but hasn't affected play.

Starks ... doesn't mean no to Ahman Green.

Like this class: I think we're a better team.

Defensive line who were picked really help the pass rush in sub-packages. "Pass rushing in this defense isn't just from the outside linebackers. You have other people involved."

"I'm a big fan of defensive linemen. You start running out of those guys and you run out of them pretty fast." No more water in the well when that happens Those were value picks. Won't commit to keeping more than six on roster.

Jolly situation resolved when ...: Doesn't know and not operating differently. "We're counting on him being here."

Assume suspension for him: No.

Wilson: Plays defensive end in a 4-3 for ECU. Really quick off ball, quick hands, back OL up off ball. Rush from inside. Very fired-up human being right this second.

C.J. Wilson in seventh

The Packers took productive defensive end C.J. Wilson of East Carolina with their seventh-round pick. Wilson (6-3, 290) was remarkably productive during his final two seasons, with 10.5 sacks as both as junior and a senior. In his four years, he piled up 27 sacks and 45.5 tackles for losses.

He was voted Conference USA's defensive player of the year as a senior and was a three-time all-conference pick.

Remarkably athletic with great strength, he ran a 4.88 40 at his campus workout with 32 reps on the 225-pound bench press. He has no history of injuries.

The scouting report supplied by the league describes him as "eloquent, personable and passionate." He plays piano and blossomed into a good student after being academically ineligible for his first season.

He'll be on the phone shortly, and Mike McCarthy will wrap up the day, so stay tuned!

Edgar Bennett on James Starks

If healthy, he would have been a Day 2 pick instead.

Went back and watched 2008 tape and 2007, as well as workouts.

At 6-2, is running too high an issue: It will be addressed. Pad level, "that's all our guys."

At times ran with proper pad level at Buffalo but sometimes too upright.

What jumped out: Very good size, good speed, has power, can make people miss. Good receiver. Versatility is something that jumps out. Very good athlete.

Could he return kicks: Possibility.

Change-of-pace back to Grant/complement: He can play on any down.

Vision for zone: Does good job of pressing course, putting foot down, planting and going. More north-south but can make miss.

Receiver: Got good hands, natural receiver. Can extend and adjust to ball to make catches. (didn't answer my question about Brandon Jackson not providing much as receiver). Competitor and will work his butt off.

Talk to Turner Gill: Not recently but used same terminology on offense.

Pass blocker: No. 1, the willingness and physical mind-set and attitude. That's the No. 1 thing. Has to be willing and understanding, and he gets that. But it's an area of emphasis with all of the backs.

Wildcat: Never been discussed with McCarthy with any of the backs. "We know he can throw the football" since he was a quarterback at one point. Did throw some halfback passes in college but didn't see Wildcat.

Injury prone: Always a concern for a running back.

James Starks on the phone

Could he have redshirted? No, so decided to have surgery and get start on career.

Could he have played through: He tried to practice through shoulder injury but painful but coach Turner Gill said he wasn't the same back and have surgery. Had it on Aug. 26.

Why not surgery in spring?: Doctors thought rehab would work. He rehabbed it and strengthened it. In spring game, fell awkward and re-injured it.

Healthy now?: It's fine now. 100 percent. That was my whole goal, to come to minicamp and Combine as strong as possible.

Cleared? About four months after surgery.

Steal of draft?: I do. I'm a hard worker. Go in and give all. Confident in ability. Going to prove to a lot of people that I'm healthy, I can do a lot of things ... show them that he can do it. Can't wait to get started.

Pass-catching skills make him good fit for NFL. Learn fast. Catches on quickly. Grateful for opportunity.

Why moved from quarterback to corner, and then corner to running back: He was an athlete. Coaches needed to use him at different spots at different times. Team player. Will do whatever it takes to help the team and make them better.

Kick returns: Returned balls before in high school and a little in college before move to full-time running back. "I love running back."

Play cornerback in a game or just practice?: Just practice. Played safety in high school. Not in games in college.

Injuries in college: Not that many. All of them were last season on field. Healthy freshman, sophomore. "Freak" accidents as junior. Past those now and anxious to work.

Why sink to sixth: Teams figured it would be steal. Taller back. Didn't fit. Injuries. All possible reasons.

Why Buffalo ... not big-time program: A lot of interest but went to Buffalo to "do something a little different" by going to program that wasn't established. He wanted to help build a tradition. Grew up in Niagara Falls.

Style?: He can catch, north-south. A lot of wiggle that some don't because he ususally runs downhill. Has speed. He's tall but more power than some expect. All-around back.

Afraid to get hit on shoulder: No. Has had a lot of time to get healthy and stronger.

Wildcat with passing skills: Yes, he can still throw it. Did a little at Buffalo.

He'll talk to Turner Gill, who was a coach here shortly, about being in Green Bay. Ran similar system to Packers with similar terminology.

Wide variety of routes: Yes, motioned out, put in slot. As many routes as the receivers.

Packers pick James Starks

The Packers just picked running back James Starks, who missed all of last season with a left shoulder injury but caught 552 passes for 361 yards and rushed for 1,333 yards in 2008

In three seasons, he rushed for 3,140 yards (4.9 average) and 34 touchdowns with 127 receptions.

Starks (6-2, 218), a former cornerback-turned-quarterback-turned running back ran a 4.47 40 at his pro day with 15 reps on the 225-pound bench press.

He's on the phone now so refresh.

Coaches talk about latest picks

McAdoo on Quarless

Likes skill-set, frame and explosiveness.

Acknowledges problems in past but felt comfortable with him. Held accountable for mistakes and held himself accountable. Thinks best days are ahead of him.

Where fits in: Creates good competition. Were high on him. Surprised still available. Happy to see in the fifth.

Compare skills to guys on roster: Typical of today's tight ends. Not a lot of polished blocking, so will have to imrpove there. Mostly an in-line player (not flexed out). Will have to grow there. Caught passes ... crossing routes, corners, basic routes. Down middle a few times. Has to grow in a pro-style system.

Conversation at Combine: He was very forward. He brought the things up to McAdoo and discussed where he's headed personally. Discussed challenges with money in his pocket. Said he had quit drinking.

McAdoo thinks they were maturity issues. No one's perfect. Two types of people: Those who make poor choices or those who make repetitive mistakes. Doesn't feel that's an issue.

Haven't discussed what do with him but "excited" to have Quarless to go with Finley. Both are fast.

Finley had maturity issues too. Tough gig, hey coach: Part of the business these days.

Finley handling success: Talks about that a lot. Just scratched surface in his development. Just turned 23 ... can get better yet for several years. Keep chasing ceiling.

Quarless has room to grow as a blocker but not weak. Just not polished. Has strength.

Havner ready with injury from accident: Not really any concerns. Needs to get healthy as quick as possible and have him for start of camp.

Donald Lee fit?: He's our rock and has been for the last three years. I look at this as an opportunity for Donald Lee ... to take on the competition.

James Campen on Newhouse

Guard or tackle?: Both.

Good length, size, intelligence. Does excellent job of picking up pressures, twists. Very good person too.

Left tackle whole career ... be at guard: 6-3 1/2. Good measurables. Very quick. With a guy like that, he gives you some flexibility. I'm not saying he's going to be a tackle and not a guard .... will see where his best fit.

Body type for guard: Yes.

A lot of players on roster: A lot of competition in that room. That always brings out the best in individuals. Having quality players ... will make us even better.

Lang's future: Not going to get into that just yet. It's the rookies' day.

Newhouse: Tackle and guard when rookie camp starts on Friday.

Bulaga at left tackle: Will be discussed. Very excited about him.

What like about Bulaga: Fluid athlete. Excellent footwork. Coached well. Intangibles. Doesn't want to be good; wants to be great. Lives and sleeps football. Excellent person, like Marshall. High-quality people who want to be great. Bryan's got very good size.

Combine interview with Bulaga: Willing to work to be great. Young kid with a lot of upside. Excellent prospect.

Tools to be great: Needs to be more consistent against big, fast people. Will be fine player.

Newhouse run blocking: Not much three-point in TCU offense. Has traits to displace big guys. He can come down inside. Does good job with double teams.

Showed those skills in traditional offenses at Shrine Game.

Marshall Newhouse on the phone

"Can't express how excited I am" to be a Packer.

Not sure what position he'll start with for Packers. "I'll play everything and anything."

Says he can play all five positions, if needed.

Been watching Aaron Rodgers since he came out of Cal.

Ever play at guard: No. All starts at left tackle.

Physique: Been working hard in weight room, working with technique guys. Always ready to get better and learn.

Grew up a Cowboys fan because of his uncle, Robert Newhouse, who played for Dallas.

Also, his father played for University of Houston. Just tried to carry on the family tradition.

Face Jerry Hughes in practice. He made him better. Hughes was so fast off the ball so that helped Newhouse's footwork.

Quick feet: Says that's a strength and is a good starting point.

Work on: Just adjusting to speed of the NFL. It's a job, must work like it's a job.

Art minor: Graphic design major but switched to graphic design, so art's an interest.

Next pick: Marshall Newhouse

With their compensatory pick at the end of the fifth round, the Packers selected Marshall Newhouse, who played left tackle at TCU and probably would move to guard in the NFL.

Newhouse (6-4, 320) made some All-American teams as a senior and was a three-year starter at left tackle. He played in the East-West all-star game following this past season, when he was the best lineman in the state of Texas and a leader of a powerhouse offense.

His uncle is former Dallas Cowboys fullback Robert Newhouse.

We'll have Newhouse on the phone shortly.

Andrew Quarless on the phone

Happy to be a Packer.

DUI and marijuana and underage drinking: Asked often throughout draft process. They know about his talent but were "worried" about his issues. Spoke to the truth and from his heart and let them know that he's "grown" from those situations.

Big list of issues: Paterno ready to dump him during sophomore and junior year. Stopped drinking for final two years of college career. "that was my sacrifice I had to make." Spoke from heart and said he learned. Came to Penn State and was 17.

Last time had a drink: Night of his DUI, two years ago.

Thinks he fits in well with two tight end packages the Packers run. Thinks he is "good" at blocking. Thinks he's versatile because can block and catch.

Special teams: Punt and kick return. "Whatever the coaches ask me to do."

Work on: Not sure. We're going to see. I'm very confident in my ability as a blocker and catcher.

Convince Coach Paterno to keep on team: After DUI, went to Paterno's house. He didn't want to hear it and ready to let him go. Spoke his peace and told him he'd change, and Paterno gave him one more chance. Had to sacrifice drinking.

Marijuana: Name was involved but was never charged. Found in his apartment in teammates' rooms but he just lived there. Name was linked but that wasn't him.

Took a drug test and passed the next day.

Had "good meeting" with TEs coach Ben McAdoo at Combine. Thought team had good feel for him. Talked X's and O's and life.

Thoughts on Green Bay: Knows they have the best fans in the NFL. "Fans are crazy." Can't wait to come and they'll embrace him. Will work his hardest.

Strength is stretching field. Doesn't like to get beat at anything. Blocking is part of the game "and I don't like to lose."

Featured at Penn State?: More of a blocking tight end, not featured much in passing game.

15-month rehab program: "It was really just me." Re-evaluate the way he was living and being a better leader on team.

Packers select TE Andrew Quarless

The Packers just selected Penn State tight end Andrew Quarless with pick No. 154 overall of the fifth round.

A big, athletic and talented performer, he caught a school-record (for tight ends) 41 passes for 536 yards and three touchdowns as a senior, including eight grabs for 88 yards in the bowl game against LSU.

Red flags, however, sent the 6-foot-5 player's stock tumbling. He was suspended for two games for underage drinking in 2007 and was suspended again in 2008 due to marijuana, which he says belong to a roommate.

He ran a 4.57 40 at his pro day.

We will be talking to him shortly.

Live from Lambeau/Hot subscription deal

The path from the Senior Bowl to the Scouting Combine to the pro days has taken the Green Bay Packers to today, the third through seventh rounds of the 75th NFL draft. We are reporting live from Lambeau Field throughout the day, and, like we have been doing, we'll bring you on-the-fly comments from each draft pick and assorted scouts and assistant coaches as the picks are made.

The fourth round is under way. With the trade to move up in the third round to acquire safety Morgan Burnett on Friday, the Packers are not scheduled to pick until the 23rd selection of the fifth round, or No. 154 overall. Their other picks: Fifth round, No. 38, 169th overall (compensatory pick for losing Colin Cole); sixth round: No. 24, 193rd overall; and seventh round: No. 23, 230th overall.

There are 5 minutes per round today, so things should move quickly.

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Looking back

— The defense is greatly improved, even without the addition of a cornerback or pass rusher. Publisher Bill Huber provides his thoughts after Day 2.

— W. Keith Roerdink has the story of second-round pick Mike Neal.

— Matt Tevsh has the story of third-round pick Morgan Burnett.

— draft guru Chris Steuber lists his 20 best-available players.

— Who are the risers and fallers?

Looking back, Part 2

Some highlights through the first three rounds:

-- How important is it to stop the pass? A whopping 20 defensive backs went in the first three rounds. That was almost double the number of defensive tackles, wide receivers and linebackers, with 12 each. Next: defensive end, 10; offensive tackle, nine; running back, seven; tight end, fifth; guard, five; quarterback, four; and center, two.

-- The NFL loves the SEC, with 23 picks in the first three rounds. Next was the Pac-10 with 15, followed by the Big 12 with 14 and Big Ten with 13. Next: ACC, nine; Big East, five; Mountain West and WAC, four; Conference USA, three; and Southern, two. The Colonial, Great Lakes, Mid-American and Sun Belt had one each.

-- Not surprisingly, the SEC powerhouses have been the top schools thus far. Florida led the way with seven picks. Alabama and Texas, who battled for the national title, had five picks apiece. Iowa, USC and Oklahoma had four picks apiece, with Georgia Tech, Penn State, South Florida and Tennessee next with three.

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