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Two ex-Packer QBs had a few things to say about the philosophy of looking for a field general in the draft, and more. Coincidentally these guys were both with the Bears as well, and, admittedly, made more impact there, but spent enough time in Green Bay to know what they're talking about.<P>

Mike Tomczak is a veteran of five NFL teams, including the Packers. He's the answer to the trivia question "Who led the Packers in passing in 1991?" Tomczak likes the looks of Boller, but thinks one of his former teams needs to go the free agent route.

"I'd go after Jake Plummer hard or Neil O'Donnell," Tomczak said when asked what he thinks the Bears should do. "Kordell (Stewart) is a tremendous athlete (also). Bottom line on Kordell is somethimes he's his own worst ennemy because he puts so much pressure on himself to go out there and succeed."

So although he wishes the Bears on that veteran trio, he had a message for any potential Green Bay draft pick:

"When I went up to Green Bay, there's no better place than Green Bay," Tomczak said.

McMahon rode the pines all the way to a second Super Bowl ring with the 1996 Packers.

McMahon -- after a disclaimer in which he stated he "doesn't care," said he favors finding QBs through the draft now rather than free agency later. He doesn't give much credence to the value of a rookie cutting his teeth on the bench while Favre finishes his career, however.

"You don't learn by watching," he said.

If the Pack does draft a QB, chances are that rookie will have to do some waiting and watching -- unless the unthinkable occurs. But what about our neighbors to the south, who coincidentally will be jockeying for draft pick position?

"Get rid of the owner and they'll be fine," McMahon said of his former team. "Until that changes, don't look for the Bears to change. I was right 20 years ago when I said it"

Another QB who never wore the Green and Gold but lost to them often enough is Erik Kramer. He conducts quarterback camps for high school prospects in the Los Angeles area. Count him as another new member of the Kyle Boller fan club.

"Boller's agile, very agile for a big guy, good arm, tough kid, makes plays," Kramer said. "I see him as kind of the wild card."

The latest draft buzz says that Boller will not be around when the Packers pick at No. 29. That might change if the Bears decide to use their fourth pick on Byron Leftwich afterall. Then a few other high-selecting teams will have to decide if Boller is top-10 material or if they need to look at top talent in another position.

"Leftwich is one of the most pure throwers to come out in quite a while, but I don't know if that's enough," Kramer said.

Kramer added that no rookie, especially not Leftwich, should be thrown into the fire. That wisdom makes this impressive crop of QBs more valuable to a team like the Packers, rather than the talent-starved Bears.

"Absolutely not," Kramer said when asked if a rookie was better off going to a team where he can start right away. "Unless that guy is Peyton Manning, but Manning went first, not fourth. Leftwich is an incredible talent, but the guy is, what, 270 pounds? Right now he's hungry to prove himself and earn a big, fat contract. What's going to happen when he gets a a big deal? Is he going to get in better shape then? I don't think so.

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