NFL Combine WRs analysis

A group that generally ran slow early in the day at the recent NFL Combine hoped to impress scouts with their pass catching skills in the afternoon.<p>

Sam Aiken performed just like he did at the Senior Bowl catching everything in site. Displaying focus, he continually extends and grabs the ball away from his frame. Aiken did not look comfortable making the receptions down field and his route running was very choppy.

Another who stood out both in Indianapolis and Mobile was Kevin Curtis. The Utah State star was fast, ran excellent routes and consistently caught the ball.

Notre Dame's Arnaz Battle was not fast but caught the ball, showed good eye/hand coordination and ran good routes.

After a rough start Nate Burleson picked up the pace displaying good speed in practice, solid route running skills and body control. Burleson came on strong and was solid by the end of the session.

Michigan's Ronald Bellamy had a good workout, caught the ball well and practiced much faster than he timed.

Ryan Hoag surprised us. He showed soft, natural hands, adjusted well to the errant throw, reaching back and plucking the ball from the air. Hoag showed focus and good playing speed. His route running needs work but it was easy to tell how hard he worked.

Cecil Moore caught the ball well, making many difficult receptions.

Harvard's Carl Morris was solid and though his lack of speed and quickness was apparent, so are his strong hands and big frame. Morris is perfectly suited to be a possession wide out at the next level.

Bobby Wade performed well, caught the ball and stayed with the action.

Teyo Johnson caught the ball well throughout the workout. A king sized receiver, he stood out amid everyone on the field, had no drops, stayed focused and caught the ball away from his frame. It was also easy to tell during the session Johnson has minimal quickness, speed and runs terrible routes.

Like Johnson, Arizona State's Shaun McDonald did not run the 40 yard dash, but caught everything in site.

After a pair of poor 40 times, Brandon Lloyd looked like one of the best pass catchers all day. A natural receiver, Lloyd ran good routes, displayed strong hands and caught everything in his direction. During the opening drill when receivers run laterally across the 20-yard line and have quarterbacks on either side fire passes at ten-yard intervals, Lloyd stole the show. The question is how far will teams downgrade the Illini star based on his slow timings?

We are still not sold on Tyrone Calico. He is fast, but when it was time to catch footballs Calico slowed down almost two-tenths of a second. His route running was not good and the tall wide out lacked any timing. He is not a natural receiver.

Many receivers did not fare as well.

As bad as Anquan Boldin was running the 40 he was equally awful catching the ball. Boldin readied and gathered himself into the reception and dropped the ball throughout the session. It was a tough day for the FSU junior.

Washington's Paul Arnold plays fast but lacks a sense of timing and is not a natural pass catcher. He was inconsistent all day.

A little farther east, Wazzu's Mike Bush was very tentative and dropped a lot of passes.

Georgia's Terrence Edwards looked comfortable with the extra 16-pounds of body weight but had a lot of drops.

Talman Gardner was not bad, just inconsistent. Giving the quarterback a nice target, he extended and showed good eye/hand coordination but was very inconsistent and dropped a lot of throws.

Likewise, Taylor Jacobs was uneven all day to the point of being disappointing. For the most part he caught the ball effectively yet at the same time had some uncharacteristic drops.

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