Big numbers

Cletidus Hunt's new contract with the Packers includes $11 million in bonuses, but it also has a clause that protects the Green Bay Packers if he is suspended for violating the NFL's substance abuse program.<p>

Hunt's six-year deal is worth $25.35 million, including a $6 million signing bonus. Hunt's base salary this season is $700,000. Factoring in $1 million for the prorated amount of the signing bonus, his cap number will be $1.7 million.

Hunt will earn base salaries of $1 million in '04, $1.25 million in '05, $2.8 million in '06, $3.8 million in '07 and $4.8 million in '08, according to reports. He has $1 million roster bonuses in years '04 through '08, all due on the first day of the league year which is usually near the end of February or early March.

Hunt has two strikes against him in the league's substance abuse program. If he violiates, he will automatically be suspended for a year. He was ordered to sit out of the first four games of the 2001 season without pay for violating the policy. A sliding scale is used to determine how much of the bonus he must give back if he is suspended, beginning with the entire signing bonus in the first year, $5 million in the second year and so on.

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