NFL Draft

Buffalo's deal which sent top-notch receiver Peerless Price to Atlanta this weekend could have a domino effect on the Pack come draft day and beyond.<P>

Atlanta sent their 1st round draft pick to the Bills, giving Buffalo the 23rd pick in a round that they'd otherwise sit out. Their first-round pick were previously dealt in the acquisition of QB Drew Bledsoe.

Which leads us to the Packer connection: Now at No. 23, six slot ahead of Green Bay, sits a team with a QB situation similar to that of the Pack. Bledsoe, at 33, is just one year younger and immeasurably more fragile than Brett Favre. So the Bills have to be looking at a new QB who will be ready couple years down the line, if not sooner due to injury.

Contrast that with Atlanta which, armed with Michael Vick, would put QB at the very bottom of their draft needs, behind waterboy and cheerleader.

Buffalo, like Green Bay, has other needs and may indeed turn elsewhere with that newly-acquired first pick. But in figuring out the possible draft scenarios, the Packers now have to figure on more legitimate competition for a QB of the future come draft day.

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