Fans' reaction to recent moves

Here are some opinions from visitors to the message board regarding the green Bay's release of linebacker Nate Wayne and trade for cornerback Al Harris:<p>

On the release of Wayne:

xDD80x wrote:

Cutting wayne frees cap space for diggs. Diggs is a much better all around player.

You know who --was-- looking hard a Diggs? The eagles. Guess who they are looking at now? Wayne.

We quenched thier thirst. If anyone does offer Diggs a contract... we will match it.

This is a MINOR overhaul. Hardy had to go. Wayne: oh well. Take a look at the change around other teams are going thru... we'll be fine.

Yet another season without a losing record. We're looking at a solid dozen.

12TimeWorldChamps wrote:

LB Boss Bailey would be the wisest 1st-round pick, not QB. Just my worthless opinion, I guess - but Bailey is the brother of current Redskins All-Pro CB Champ Bailey, and if genes are a factor, we MUST draft this kid.

Just look at the last 5 years of QB's picked in the first round. With the exception of Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb, who else has established themselves? The list is short. Joey Harrington of the Lions scares me sh!tless - he's going to be awesome, as long as his irregular heartbeat thing is corrected. David Carr looks like he could be the real deal, too. But, my point is - great QB's are such a dime a dozen, the risk is so high in wasting a 1st-round pick on one.

We need top-line talent on defense. I was hoping they would draft LB Napoleon Harris last year. The Packers' personnel brass wasn't too big on him. Gee - he became a Pro-Bowl alternate and started in the damn Super Bowl. Guess who looks stupid now.

It's been said and proven year after year - offense sells tickets and defense wins championships. We NEED a player like Boss Bailey and we need him now.

I swear - if they draft an offensive player in the 1st-round, I will gladly drive up to 1265 Lombardi Avenue, and shove my foot so far up Sherman's (butt), he will taste shoe polish for 2 weeks.

ThePackwillbeBack wrote:

The Packers better hope one of those top LB's in the draft falls to their pick. Otherwise, it's gonna be a long season next year.

SharperShake wrote:

Torrance Marshall and Reynolds now a starters? With wayne gone is marshall now the weak side lb for the packers? Or are the packers going to try him in the middle again? Can he handle either position mentally?

What about putting reynolds at weakside and marshall in the middle? I think it would be too much inexperience in the linebacking core, but would the athletic abilities of the two players make up for it?

Alot of questions. The upcoming draft might be the most important draft in a long time.

Here are opinions on Green Bay's recent trade for Al Harris:

westiedogowner wrote:

I think it is good because the packers get a a good player that just needed a chance to start. and he is a tall right corner and he can be effictive against the big receivers in the division and plus he is a good tackler and he is also not afraid to make plays.

waybackpackerbacker wrote:

I rate it as a good move. Particularly the business timing of the transaction which I feel was extraordinary.

It is a good move because we get a proven commodity to fill a pending need, at the right price and maybe we have cured one of the glaring defensive problems of last year in the process. We also have gained a quality veteran CB who potentially has more NFL years remaining to play than Williams while not having to risk a high draft pick on a possible bust.

The timing was right due to the Williams cap figures and his almost certain departure, plus we didn't have an open market competitive bid situation facing us to get Harris.

TimberWolf81 wrote:

The acquisition of Al Harris adds two dimensions to the Packers defense. A strong nickel back which we need to replace Matt Bowen, and a potential starting cornerback to replace Tyrone Williams. His experience offers not only a quick fix, but a man who will be available for the next two years. There will be ample time to renegotiate a contract with him if he fits into future plans.

t also allows the Packers to concentrate on shoring up other areas on the defense, without trying to sign a free agent cornerback which more than likely would not be as good as Harris, and would cost more under the existing salary cap.

Like all trades, the jury will be out until after we see Harris play. But, in my opinion, this was a very wise move by the Packers.

xDD80x wrote:

A. Good.

But Harris is SooOOOoo much cheaper than Ty Williams, and cheaper than whatever the 2nd rounder would cost too.

He's a known commodity, and sat behind 2 probowl CBs in phillie. I'm all for it. What if we had drafted a bust with that pick? We'd have someone to bicker about cutting for the next 3 years.

Put me on the Al Harris Fan-mobile ASAP. Odds are 3-1 that he's better than the guy we woulda drafted that late in the second round. The fourth rounder is just icing.

Did I mention his salary for this year? 1.05 mil. 1.10 mil next year.

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