Draft Trivia

Throughout the team's history the draft has served up generous portions of stars, surprises and some destined for obscurity.<p> Test your knowledge of all of the above with today's pair of draft trivia questions, the first installment of a series from now until Draft Day.<P>

1. Name the player the Packers made the top overall pick of the 1957 draft.

A. Ray Nitschke

B. Bart Starr

C. Willie Davis

D. Paul Hornung

E. Jim Taylor

2. Two years later, the Packers had the top overall pick again. Name the player Green Bay chose to kick off the 1959 draft.

A. Randy Duncan

B. Ron Kostelnik

C. Jack Losch

D. Ron Kramer

E. Fuzzy Thurston


1. D, Paul Hornung. The Packers inaugurated the 1957 draft by grabbing the Heisman Trophy winner out of Notre Dame in what may have been the best first round pick in club history.

2. A, Randy Duncan. Green Bay kicked off the 1959 draft by picking Duncan, a quarterback out of Iowa but he opted for the Dallas Texans of the American Football League.

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