Kicking It Off

Packers coach Mike McCarthy just completed his training camp-opening press conference. We have all of the highlights in this on-the-fly report from the Lambeau Field media auditorium. The big news is that Harris, Bigby and Starks failed their physicals.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy is expected to meet with reporters at 4 p.m. Central today. Refresh for highlights.

- Obviously happy to have Bulaga so he won't fall behind.

- Harris, Bigby and Starks fail physicals. Starks (hamstring) reoccuring injury.

- Harris is "ahead of schedule." McCarthy called it "amazing" how fast he's come back. Not sure about Week 1 though. "I would be purely speculating" on Harris playing in Week 1. "I would not be surprised" if he's ready for opener, though.

- Surprised that Jolly was surprised for whole season. More concerned for Jolly on personal note.

- Impact of not having Jolly: "He's been a good football player for us." Likes toughness and energy. Opportunity for other players to step up.

- They are at 80 players. Released John Russell, an outside linebacker, this morning.

- Conditioning report was positive. A few guys a little overweight but not an issue. "I think we're a very well-conditioned football team.

- McCarthy talked about Super Bowl during team meeting. That's always the goal.

- Rodgers will be tested by defenses, who have two years of film to watch.

- McCarthy also talked about learning lessons from last year. They won't see anything new from offenses, defenses and special teams. Need to be a better tackling team on defense and special teams. Will have more tackling periods during training camp. "You don't carry over anything from the year before."

- Concerned about Bigby?: Ankle injury yet, which bothered him in past, acted up during conditioning test, which is why he failed physical.

- Team identity: Smart, tough, fundamentally sound.

- Burnett replacing Bigby for now: "That's what training camp is for." Likes what he's done during "underwear" practices. Athletic and has "opportunity in front of him." Has good foundation, good work ethic.

- Excited to see Pickett in pads at defensive end. In best shapes he's been in during McCarthy's time. People underestimate Pickett's foot speed.

- Expectations on defense: Dominating, starting with stopping run. Communication improved last year, which is why unit played better down stretch.

- Harrell: Justin's full go. Conditioning is good, weight is good. Make or break for him? "It's an important camp for Justin. He knows that. We all know that." Excited that he's healthy and wants to see him "stacks some practices together."

- No distractions? McCarthy scoffed at notion, but hopefully not as big as "others in the past" ... that would be Favre. Most mature team he's coached.

- On paper, this is the best team that's been assembled since he's been here.

- Havner is full go. T.J. Lang will have brace on wrist but will be full participant.

- Can they rush passer? Thinks so, mentioning Barnett and Jenkins as strong options. Can't just do it with four rushers all the time.

- More practice time on special teams because of abundance of penalties the last two years.

- Play Vikings again? Just feels blessed to play them twice a year. Great rivalry. "We know where they are on the schedule."

- Rookies ahead of curve that excited to see in pads: All of them, because padded work is so diferent. Easy to get high on a player in the spring.

- Punting battle ... whole camp or over ASAP: "I'm not in a hurry." It's been a "negative" the last two years so will give them both a lengthy opportunity in games. Competition has been good and both have potential.

- Timeline to have line set: Hasn't given it much thought. Tough group to sort out because of so many different combinations over years.

- Bulaga only a left tackle: Yes. T.J. Lang only right side.

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