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Boller impresses Sherman

Cal quarterback Kyle Boller was first rumored to be on the Packers' draft short list about a month ago. Since then, Boller's stock has risen so rapidly he may have passed up the Pack.<p> That didn't keep Green Bay coach/GM Mike Sherman from traveling to California for some "quality time" with the young QB.<p>

According to reports, Boller's workout was impressive. He even did his best Brett Favre imitation, throwing a ball from midfield through the goal posts -- from his knees.

"Kyle was worth the trip - no question about it," Sherman said after Boller's workout Thursday. "He's going to make someone a very happy GM."

Will that GM be Sherman himself? At No. 29, it's now looking like the Pack may have to make a move if they want to bolt down Boller. Recent draft-order machinations, including the Peerless Price deal which put Buffalo at No. 23 in place of Atlanta, haven't worked in Green Bay's favor.

Boller has expressed the desire to learn under the master, Favre. But come draft day, he won't have much to say about where he goes.

"No matter where I go, I'm just going to work my hardest and do my best to do as much as I can for that team," Boller said.

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