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Panther fans have spent much time mourning the perils of the 2010 season. While there is much to be concerned about, it's important to look ahead and see how the young talent compares with the rest of the rookies in the league. After all, these players are set be the core of future success in Carolina.

WRs David Gettis and Brandon LaFell

A week after fans gushed over their gutsy performances, Gettis and LaFell were much less productive against St. Louis. Gettis finished without a reception. LaFell had four catches for 40 yards and a TD, but the score came too late. Their road woes continue, but Gettis and LaFell stack up well against the other rookies.

Gettis ranks seventh in receiving yards (244) and LaFell ranks ninth (214). Only three receivers are ahead of them, including Tampa Bay's Mike Williams. Gettis is one of four rookies with two receiving TDs, which ties him for fourth among rookies and further proves Gettis' great value at pick No. 198.

There were five receivers taken ahead of LaFell in the 2010 Draft and only two of them (Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas) outrank him in receiving yards. All things considered, Gettis and LaFell are doing well against their peers, but inconsistency has been their issue.

QB Jimmy Clausen

Clausen has already had his share of ups and downs with the Panthers and has moved from second string, to first, and then back to second. Clausen is 43 of 91 (47.3 percent) for 454 yards, one TD, three INTs and a 52.2 passer rating.

Sam Bradford, the No. 1 overall pick, is 171 of 192 (58.6 percent) with 1,674 yards, 11 TDs, eight INTs and a 75.9 passer rating. Not only that, but Bradford played very well against the Panthers en route to a victory over Carolina.

Tim Tebow was the second quarterback taken, but has not thrown any passes and has 26 yards rushing with two TDs.

Colt McCoy was the next quarterback taken after Clausen. Since taking over the Cleveland Browns offense due to injuries, he is 32 of 49 (65.3 percent) with one TD, two INTs and a 76.5 passer rating.

Judging by numbers alone, Clausen ranks behind his fellow rookie starting quarterbacks. All three were put into situations where they would be expected to start or at least compete for the starting job. All three have taken over struggling teams. But Bradford and McCoy have separated themselves so far.

Other Rookie Notes

--Jordan Pugh is eighth among rookies with a 24.5-yard kick return average.

--Greg Hardy is tied for tenth among rookies in sacks (one) and is 34th in tackles (13). However, anyone who watches Hardy play knows while his numbers are modest, his potential is not.

Where does Armanti Edwards fit into this equation? Discuss in the message boards.

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