Pouncey has a Solid Pro Day

Mike Pouncey didn't fully participate at Florida's Pro Day on Tuesday morning, but he was still able to better some of his numbers from the NFL Combine. The former Gators center hits the road on Wednesday to start taking visits to NFL teams, but his final performance in The Swamp served as his last chance to impress each NFL team in attendance.

Multiple coaches worked Michael Pouncey out along with his former teammates Maurice Hurt, Marcus Gilbert and Carl Johnson. Pouncey spent the most time with current Chicago Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice

"They just kept working with me," Pouncey said. "They said the shotgun snaps are great but for me to keep working on the ones under center because we didn't do it that much at Florida. I think center is where I'll play at the next level."

He upped his bench reps of 225 pounds to 24 before he hit the field to go through drills. Before working out at all, Pouncey met with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Giants. He makes his first trip to visit a team on Wednesday when he flies to Detroit.

Every NFL team saw the success his twin brother, Maurkice, had as the starting center for the Pittsburgh Steelers last year. It's not something that Mike sells too hard in interviews, because he knows the teams already understand it.

"They see we play just alike," Pouncey said. "He did so well at center at the next level, they'll probably throw me in at center and let me excel at the position."

Every team Pouncey has worked out for has spent time with him only working at center. It's a value position in the NFL and one that rookies rarely can handle. However, Maurkice paved the way last season for Mike to make a lot of money in the first round of the NFL Draft as a center.

"They are very similar," Jaguars general manager Gene Smith said. "Both guys could play center or guard, so versatility equals value. There are more guards than centers for obvious reasons. I know from my standpoint, a guard that can play center and guard has more value. There are less of them. He's a guy that can certainly do that."

Projecting where a player will go in the NFL Draft is tough, but Pouncey is starting to get a feel that he will go anywhere in the 15-20 range. He singled out Miami, New England and Tampa Bay as teams that he has spent most of his time talking to, noting that the Buccaneers are his hometown team and he would "love to go there."

The interview room has varying levels of importance for each NFL franchise, but they all value in some form. For Pouncey, he had experience with the situation before ever stepping in to interview with a team. Maurkice spent time talking to Mike about what to expect, especially when teams asked him to draw certain defenses on a board.

After that, it was about letting his personality take over.

"Engaging is a good word," Smith said about Pouncey. "He's a guy that people gravitate to because he is an outgoing type of personality. He's very easy to get along with, and you can feel his passion for this sport. You don't just see him play, you feel his passion when you get up close to him. That's what you want to bring to your offensive line group and your whole team."

The NFL lockout is creating issues for some players, and the latest rumor was that the NFL Players Association would ask draft eligible players to not attend the draft in New York. The invite hasn't come Pouncey's way yet, but with him looking to be a lock in the first round, he is expected to get the invitation at some point.

"They haven't contacted me yet, but I think I'll get the invitation," Pouncey said. "If I get the invitation, I'm going to go. It's our day. When (current player's) day passed, they didn't want anybody to tell them not to go to the draft. If I do get the invitation, I will be going to New York."

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