One on One with UAB DE Hassan McKeithan

One on One with UAB DE Hassan McKeithan

Panther Insider spent some time talking with DE Hassan McKeithan of UAB and here is what we found out:

Panther Insider : What do you think your biggest asset is as a defense end?

Hassan McKeithan: I think it is my ability to make plays. Being on the field I have the ability to find the play and make plays. I was always coached to run to the football ever since high school. Because if you always run to the football you never know what is going to happen. I pride myself on going 100% and given my all and ever play that I'm in the game.

Panther Insider : Some teams like the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons have called your coach asking about you ability to play OLB what do you think you bring to the OLB position?

Hassan McKeithan: I think I bring size and quickness with good agility to play and cover tight ends, and running back and being able to make the big time hit. In the running game I have the ability to hold my own and stop it, and also I love to hit.

Panther Insider : Who were your favorite player and team in the NFL growing up?

Hassan McKeithan: I loved to watch Lawrence Taylor, Howie Long the old school players. Actually # 56 was my first football number because of LT. As far as teams going growing up since I was from New Jersey it was the New York Jets and Giants.

Panther Insider : What other schools besides UAB did you think about going to?

Hassan McKeithan: Well I got offers from East Carolina, Southern Mississippi, Georgia Southern, Memphis, Middle Tennessee State. Georgia Tech was looking at me but I didn't take the SAT until I was a senior so that hurt me.

Panther Insider : Would making it in the NFL be a dream come true?

Hassan McKeithan: Yea it would because where I came from most of my friends are either dead or in jail, it is not pretty from where I'm from that is for sure. But I did make it out there many people didn't think I would make it is college but I only have a few classes and I will be graduating from college. I think if I get a chance I will show some teams that I have the ability to play in the NFL.

Panther Insider : Hassan thanks for taking sometime to talk with us and we hope everything goes well this weekend for you and your family.

Hassan McKeithan: No problem, thanks for taking the time to talk with me. One.

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