One-on-one with DL Kevin Watson of Occidental

One on one with DL Kevin Watson of Occidental

"Panther Insider" got a chance to sit down with NFL draft sleeper defensive linemen Kevin Watson of Occidental College in California. The 6-4 290 DT/DE is one of the sleepers in the NFL draft this weekend.

Panther Insider: What are your best assets as a defensive lineman?

Kevin Watson: My biggest asset is my quickness off the ball and being able to read and react to what the offense is doing. I have the ability to get in the backfield and make plays even when I was getting double and triple teamed.

Panther Insider: Would you consider yourself a run stopper or a pass rusher?

Kevin Watson: Well to me I'm both, I think I even at both. The defense that we played with I was more of a run stopper then a pass rusher but I have the ability to do both depending on what the style of defense calls for.

Panther Insider: What will you bring to a NFL team?

Kevin Watson: Well since the person that I am, I going to bring my dedication and my heart, which not a lot of players have. I'm willing to do what ever the coaches want me to do. If they want me to get bigger and be a run stopper I will do that, if they want me to get lighter so I can be more of a pass rusher I will do that. You can teach a lot and add weight and lose weight but what you can't teach is quickness and that is what I have along with heart and dedication.

Panther Insider: Who would you compare yourself to in the NFL right now to?

Kevin Watson: I would have to say I a little bit of a mix between a lot of players but if I had to pick one I would say John Randle because of his quickness and ability to make plays in the backfield.

Panther Insider: What is your favorite NFL team?

Kevin Watson: The Detroit Lions, even being out in California, I'm still a big Lions fan, maybe I will get a chance to play with them. But if not what ever team that gives me a chance will be my favorite team.

Panther Insider: What are you going to do this NFL Draft weekend?

Kevin Watson: Sit at home, sit by the phone, eat some of my mom's good cooking, and pray that I get a chance.

Panther Insider: Well thanks for taking the time to talk with us and hope all goes well this weekend.

Kevin Watson: No problem, thank you for taking the time.

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