Former Panther TE Broughton looking for a team

Former Carolina Panther TE Luther Broughton is looking for a team to join and continue his NFL career.

The NFL is a business and former Carolina Panther TE Luther Broughton who has played for 3 NFL teams in his 6 year NFL career knows that is the truth. Broughton who is a free-agent is looking for a team to sign with before the NFL season starts. He has worked out for the Miami Dolphins, and talked with the St. Louis Rams, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this off-season but is still looking for a team to join.

Broughton has had some memorable moments with the Carolina Panthers.

"I think one of my best memories is the day I scored my first NFL touchdown," said Broughton. "It was my second year in the NFL, and it was my first game starting for Wesley Walls since he was out in like week 15. We where down by 3 with about two and half minutes to go against the Rams. We ran all go with a two tight ends on one side and two wide receivers on the other side. I was lined up left, outside and beat the linebacker once that happened (Steve) Beuerlein was going to me. I caught it stiff armed Roman Phifer and went for a 68 yard touchdown."

Broughton who is 6-2 255 is a tight end that has the ability to make plays once he gets his hands on the ball.

"I'm what they say a undersized tight end because I'm not as tall as some of the other tight ends. I came out of college as an athlete, but I can make it happen with the ball in my hands."

Over his NFL career Broughton has 46 catches for 563 yards and 5 touchdowns, but knows that the NFL is a business.

"The Indianapolis Colts told me that they didn't sign me this off-season because I was a six-year guy and my base salary was going to be around $ 400,000," said Broughton. "Sometimes in the NFL is doesn't come down to talent, it comes down to who makes less money and other things that go on."

Broughton last season signed in the off-season with the Chicago Bears as a free agent but didn't have the season he was looking for when he signed there early in the off-season.

"The Bears where a team that I looked at that I could go to and have a good season but things didn't work out there," said Broughton. "Now I don't care where I play, I just want to be playing football and I know I should be playing football."

Broughton would love to go back to the Panthers and play for John Fox, but just wants to get into a training camp and help a team anyway that he can. In the end Broughton is to good of a player to not find his way into some NFL training camp.

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