Jets have backup QB situation on their hands

With Tim Tebow sidelined by fractured ribs, second year signal-caller Greg McElroy will be backing up Sanchez on Sunday against Arizona.

Unhappy fans let the New York Jets know that their performance on Thursday night was not acceptable as boo's echoed throughout the stadium. Fans let head coach Rex Ryan know that they were less than pleased with quarterback Mark Sanchez's performance and they chanted "Tebow," throughout the night to let him know they wanted Tim Tebow at quarterback.

Tebow has been injured since the November 11 meeting with the Seattle Seahawks when he broke two ribs. He saw limited action against the St. Louis Rams the following week and was sidelined for last week's entire meeting with the New England Patriots. Ryan said Tebow would only see the field in an emergency situation against the Patriots.

Recent reports are indicating that Tebow will be inactive against the Arizona Cardinals, which means two possibilities for the second string quarterback spot. The Jets can activate second year quarterback Greg McElroy to be Sanchez's backup or wide receiver Jeremy Kerley could become the emergency quarterback. Kerley played quarterback in high school and that is what he was recruited for, but that is the last option for the Jets.

Ryan told reporters, "We're going to monitor the situation, but seriously, we are looking into it." "He's been limited and really very limited in some of the snaps. He does take a few offensive snaps, but we're just tracking it. We'll see how he feels. Could it be a game-time decision? It could be."

Tebow's situation is different from most injuries because he runs mostly out of the Wildcat. Tebow has not seen as much playing as anticipated, but his playbook was beginning to expand because of Sanchez's recent struggles.

"I think with Tim, some of the things that he can do, specifically in the Wildcat and as a personal protector, you're not going out there and asking him to throw it 50 times a game," Ryan said. "If that was the care, I'm not sure he could do that, but in a limited role like he's in, I really don't even know where to start with that, but I think if he had to take 50 snaps and get hit every snap, I'm not sure if that's the smartest thing."

Last week Ryan received some criticism for keeping Tebow on the active roster and not activating McElroy. The Jets need to make a serious decision soon. Right now, McElroy looks like the clear decision because he is not injured and could be a factor in the passing game. The only negative about McElroy is he has not attempted a pass all season. Hopefully the Jets don't have to worry about the backup situation Sunday and Sanchez stays healthy.

"I'm not ready to declare that yet," declared Ryan. Sometimes, with me (and) that roster spot, I don't know any team in this league that goes with three quarterbacks. You guys would know that answer better than me. I don't even know if it's done in the league."

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