Tim Tebow: The Pros And Cons

Patriots Insiders share six reasons why signing Tim Tebow would be a good/bad thing for New England.

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Kevin Saleeba - Patriots Insider
New wrinkles on offense:
PRO –Tebow could add a new dimension to the Patriots offense. You could line him up in the backfield with some run/pass options. Or put him up on the offensive line at tight end. He had a knack of gaining yards when he ran the ball in space at Denver. He may be able to do some damage if he caught the ball in space at tight end.
New wrinkles on offense:
CON – You have Tom Brady! You don't need to add any new dimensions to the offense. If the Patriots were worried about the offense, they should have just resigned Wes Welker. Besides, why would they want to take the ball out of Brady's hands? Tebow finished the 2011 season with the lowest passing completion rating in the NFL. He can't throw the ball in the ocean.
Leadership in the locker room:
PRO – At Denver, he was a lightening rod of positivity in the locker room. His good guy "Jesus" image plays well with his teammates and became contagious when he was at Denver. The good vibe helped propel a 1-4 Broncos team in 2011 to an 8-5 finish, including a playoff victory in the wild card round against Pittsburgh.
Leadership in the locker room:
CON – He was a lightening rod of negativity with the Jets last season. Tebow's presence caused a divisive quarterback controversy within the Jets locker room, with Jets coach Rex Ryan, the New York media, and the fans. When he did start two games, he threw for a total of 39 yards. He's too polarizing a figure and he just can't throw!
Low risk move:
PRO – What can it hurt? It doesn't cost the Patriots much to kick the tires on Tebow. If he does not perform well, they can just cut him.
Low risk move:
CON – They have more pressing needs on defense. How about the Patriots kick the tires on a player like defensive end John Abraham? The Patriots need a pass rusher, not wannabe quarterback who CAN'T THROW THE FOOTBALL!

Jon Scott - Patriots Insider
PRO – Tim Tebow has undergone years of scrutiny over his role on the football team. In college he was "the man," leading the Florida Gators to the 2008 National Championship. Despite being a first round Draft pick, Tebow waited as a backup in Denver before getting the job, never complaining about his role. In New York, he played special teams, and RB just to get on the field, again not complaining, just saying the right things.

CON --  The Patriots have plenty of players who aren't selfish. Despite not talking publicly about QB controversies, Tebow talked about wanting to be on the field, which led the media to speculate when he might become the starter, both in Denver and New York.  Even his selfless attitude brought unwanted attention in the form of distracting headlines.
PRO – Tebow mania has reached epic proportions in his two former stops in the NFL. His public persona has garnered attention worldwide for his faith, and his dedication. Tebow-ing even caught on with Patriots players when the QB was on the implausible run to the postseason in Denver.  
CON – If you've ever seen the media crush that follows Tebow, you'll understand how this can have a negative impact on those around him.  Not that people resent Tebow for being popular, but the volume of media attention to teammates asking about a backup QB will certainly take its toll even on the most patient of teammates.
PRO – Tebow has an extraordinary ability to play multiple positions, from QB to RB to punt coverage and more. The Patriots are known for using players at unusual positions (LB Mike Vrabel at Tight End, DL Richard Seymour as a full back, WR Troy Brown as a cornerback).  Tebow has the same level of position flexability, which should allow the Patriots to create unique plays for certain situations.
CON – Being an athletic player doesn't necessarily translate into being an effective one.  Tebow can play multiple positions, but can he play any of them consistently well enough to be a threat to opponents, or will the Patriots waste time trying to find ways to fit Tebow in, only to see one of his infamous wormburner passes in a critical situation?

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Kevin Saleeba is a frequent contributor and columnist to Patriots Insider. A former beat writer for local media, Kevin has extensive knowledge of the team and experience covering the Patriots. Follow Kevin on Twitter: @KevinSaleeba.

Jon Scott has covered the NFL since 1995, and has been a regular contributor to Patriots Insider, Comcast SportsNet New England. and FOXSports.com Magazines. A member of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA), Jon has appeared a guest analyst on the NFL Network, Fox Sports Radio, Sporting News Radio, ESPN Radio and other outlets around the web. Follow Jon on Twitter: @JScottNFL

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