HD Video: Richt's Wednesday Conference

ATHENS - Mark Richt speaks with media following Wednesday's practice before the LSU game.

Mark Richt:

Opening Statement:

We had a good practice today. Got a lot of work done that we needed to get done. We worked with the kicking game. We got the work that we needed to get done outsider first.

Also a very sad day with the news about Paul Oliver. I just want to say it's been rough. I just want to tell everybody in his family that we're thinking about them and we love them. We'll do whatever we can to help.

I can't think too much about the football part. It's just sad. A sticker would be a good idea [for honoring Oliver]. If we can get something going quick enough we will.

Full pads again:

The goal was just to keep a good frame of mind during practice. It's good to carry your pads around. We came through it well is the best I can tell you.

Correcting mistakes:

You've got to be careful You've got to protect and cover on the same play when it comes to punt. Your punt team is one of the teams you have to spend the most time on it because there's more time there than just about any unit.


I'd like to have it 100%. I think it would be a great sign of unity for our Bulldog nation. I think it just adds a little energy to the day and I'd really like to see that.


I think there's a sense of urgency and a sense of excitement. I think you can see a really strong focus. Somedays you have to get their attention and I don't think we've really had to do that this week.

Memorable LSU match-ups:

Both teams are ranked teams and it is a cross-conference rival, so it doesn't hold quite the weight of an eastern division as far as who plays in Atlanta. We can lose the game and still control our destiny. It's not do or die.

Rumph and Rome ready to go?

I would not count on Rumph right now. Jay Rome is doing his best right now. If he had played today it would have been tough, but we're not counting him out.

A Richt appearance on College Gameday?

The details are still being worked on.

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