Know Your Enemy: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Carolina Panthers will face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. To learn more about the Panthers opponent there is no one better to ask than Justin Pawlowski, who is the Publisher at Be sure to check out their website to get the Bucs perspective heading into Sunday's game.

Mike Evans has been putting up monster numbers as of late (8 touchdowns last 6 games). What has changed in his game from the start of the season to now?
Evans came from Texas A&M where he wasn't asked to run a lot of different routes. His route-running has improved drastically, which has slowed the game down for him a bit. He can now use his best talent which is going up and getting the ball even more.
The Bucs are 2-11 but have been competitive for a majority of their games, losing six of their games by less than a touchdown. Is there one thing that stands out for the reason for the Bucs not able to win those games?
In a lot of those close losses it was more of the other team allowing them to stay close than it was the Bucs actually playing well. Late game decision making by Lovie Smith and bad quarterback play by Josh McCown has led to losses as well.
The addition of Josh McCown hasn't worked out. Do you think the Bucs are ready to move on and will target one of the top QBs in the draft?
It's a necessity. If the Bucs do not draft a top QB in this year's draft, they will be facing even smaller home crowds in 2015.
The offense has really struggled this year, scoring over 20 points only 3 times. Who is to blame for the struggles (players, lack of run game,  play calling)?
It's a complete combination of everything. The interim offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo was not ready to call plays in the NFL, the Bucs offensive line is among the worst in the NFL, and Josh McCown is an average backup quarterback masquerading as a starter for the Bucs. Ultimately, it all falls back on the head coach, Lovie Smith, who said he had changed during his year off when it came to his offense. He has proven that he hasn't changed at all.
Is there one matchup in this game the Bucs are confident about having an advantage in that they can exploit?
The Bucs don't win many matchups. Right now, any matchup involving Mike Evans will be a win for the Bucs.
What is your prediction for Sunday's matchup between the Panthers and Bucs?
With Derek Anderson in there, I see this game being very similar to week 1. I'll go with the Panthers 21-13.

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