Panthers' 2014 Final Report Card: Tight Ends

The Panthers' passing game relied heavily on the tight end position, specifically Greg Olsen, who was one of the top tight ends in the NFL this year. These are the grades for the Panthers' tight ends who saw significant playing time

Greg Olsen

2014 Stats: 84 receptions, 122 targets, 1,008 yards, 6 touchdowns

Best Game: Week 4 versus Chicago

Worst Game: Week 8 versus Seattle

Notes: Greg Olsen had a great year with the Carolina Panthers, was named to his first Pro Bowl and was one of the best offensive weapons on the team this year. He finished the year leading the team in receptions, tied for first in receiving yards, second in targets and second in touchdowns. He started the year off as a touchdown machine with five touchdowns in the first six games however struggled to find the end zone after that stretch with only one in the final 12 games. It wasn’t all his fault though as the offense seemed to look to Benjamin more than Olsen as they got towards the red zone. It was a rather impressive year from Olsen and this year helped cement his name among some of the best playing the position right now in the NFL.

Final Grade: A+


Ed Dickson

2014 Stats: 10 receptions, 17 targets, 115 yards, 1 touchdowns

Best Game: Week 17 at Atlanta

Worst Game: N/A

Notes: Ed Dickson wasn’t involved much in the Panthers offensive game plan in 2014 until late in the season. He had a total of 17 targets and 115 receiving during the regular season but had seven targets and 67 receiving yards just in the two playoff games the Panthers had this year. When the Panthers transitioned to relying more on the run towards the end of the season this opened up more chances for Dickson to get on the field in two tight end sets. It will be interesting to see if whether or not the Panthers decide to bring back Dickson, who is a free agent this offseason.

Final Grade: C

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