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It's Time For Everyone to Get Used to Cam Newton

Cam Newton has had arguably his best year as a pro leading his Panthers to an undefeated record and first place in the NFC, but criticism remains and it's about time for everyone to get used to Cam, because he isn't changing for anybody.

Cam Newton is going to keep on celebrating and everybody better get used to it.

Read it. Take it in. It won’t change.

Newton has been the maestro behind the best start in Carolina Panthers history and though the stats won’t back it up, he deserves to be mentioned in the MVP race.

Yet all anyone can seem to talk about are the most trivial of things, like removing an opposing banner from his home field or worse, his celebrations.

Newton scored four times and torched the Packers defense to take hold of the NFC. Then last week came the second most accurate passing day in his young career where he had an 81% completion percentage and completed his first 11 passes of the game.

But both of these stellar performances have been all but forgotten behind the ridiculous talk of the quarterback being “immature” or “cocky;” two attributes that could not be more wrong when describing Cam Newton.

His recent touchdown celebration against the Titans in which he did the dab, to no one in particular might I add, is the latest in the criticism and has been ridiculed and dissected by the masses.

Cam has always been a showman. From his classic first down signal each time he runs the ball to move the sticks, to his signature Superman touchdown celebration; the man loves to have fun and it’s clear, and it’s okay.

Heck, you can even see him smiling as he’s getting lit up after a long run or flipping into the end zone.

He’s smiling because he’s having a blast and playing a large part in what has been a terrific season for his Panthers team.

The letter that a Tennessee mother wrote to Cam in response to his celebration was frankly absurd.

In it, she mentioned his supposed arrogance and questioned his role model status. She must not have done her research though as Cam has been arguably one of the best role models and charitable players in the league. Whether it is surprising a child with cancer at his Halloween party or hanging out with young Panther fan and honorary coach Braylon Beam at training camp practice, Cam Newton is a tremendous role model and to say anything else is ridiculous.

Today, he made a statement in a press conference saying he apologizes if he offended anybody but “at the end of the day I am who I am. It is what it is.”

Other quarterbacks celebrate. Albeit, maybe not as often, but certainly some as emphatic. And something can be said for “acting like you’ve been there before” in regards to the end zone trips but really what it comes down to is; who cares? Let the man have some fun and instead of criticizing, enjoy the show he’s putting on and likely will continue to put on for the foreseeable future.

Cam said it best when he told reporters in his post-game press conference; “If you don't like me to do it, then don't let me in.”

It’s simple as that, folks.

The hate will undoubtedly keep coming, whether it’s warranted or not and Cam will keep doing what he has been: having fun and gutting out key drives to put points on the board and win games for his undefeated squad.

Cam is Cam. And he’s going to keep smiling and dancing whenever he wants. So get used to it.


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