Thomas Davis Still Confident He Will Play in the Super Bowl

One of the top storylines for the Carolina Panthers is the health of Thomas Davis. He spoke with the media on Wednesday about his injury.

Thomas Davis suffered a broken forearm against the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday. This is an injury that is not to be taken likely and usually takes a few weeks to recover.

Well the Carolina Panthers' linebacker has less than two weeks to recover if he wants to play in the Super Bowl. He didn't waste any time and had surgery Monday morning to have steel plates put in his arm. 

On Wednesday, he met with the media and discussed the injury with the biggest concern right now being to get the swelling down in his arm. He went on to say that he is "fully expecting to playing on Sunday."

NFL reporter Tiffany Blackmon went on to say in the video clip above that he stuck his arm out for the reporters and showed he does have good movement in his hands and arm.

The Panthers' linebacker has yet to get on the practice field since the injury and Blackmon did say that Davis said they are still working on a few things to protect his arm. However, this shouldn't be a huge concern because he won't be playing with a club, which means his hands will be free if he is on the field.

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