Super Bowl 50: Ron Rivera's Press Conference on Wednesday

Carolina Panthers' Ron Rivera met with the media Wednesday before the team's practice and talked about his time with the Philadelphia Eagles to his own current coaching staff to the differences between Peyton Manning and Cam Newton.

These are some of the highlights from Carolina Panthers' Ron Rivera's press conference from Wednesday.

What he learned in his time with the Philadelphia Eagles with Andy Reid and Jim Johnson:

“My time in Philly was outstanding. I truly enjoyed it. I thought it was a heck of a community. We lived over in South Jersey, but Philadelphia was tremendous. Being with Andy, you learn about the importance of details, the significance of making sure that you take care of every little detail of what you plan on doing. Very goal-oriented and I really appreciate Andy. To this day, he’s still a mentor, a friend I can call and talk to. He’s been outstanding. He’s texted me a couple times about things that are going on. Jim Johnson was really about being aggressive, staying aggressive as a play caller, a signal caller. Really loved his philosophy as far as blitzing. He was a very demanding coach. I really appreciated being around Coach. He was really a taskmaster, but at the same time, he was some one you could really grow and learn from. I really enjoyed my opportunity there.”

If Rivera is offended when people call his team cocky:

“Yes, I (am). Jonathan, you know us, you’ve been around us. We’ve kind of crashed the party. We’re kind of new to the scene. Not a lot of people know who we are and so to draw a quick conclusion on that based on a couple of things, I think is disappointing. It’s funny because I was talking earlier with one of our folks here about embracing the whole situation instead of the circumstances. We have a little saying. Don’t let it get in the way. You sit there and say, ‘This is a hassle having to come here and be around these guys.’ Well guess what you just did? You created a distraction. So embracing it and being who we are, I think is really helping us to get past this. We’re staying relaxed. We’re able not to be distracted. I think that’s part of keeping your personality and making sure that you are who you are. That’s helped us and I’m not going to have our guys change now. All of a sudden you want our guys to tighten up. Cam made a comment about it a couple weeks ago and we don’t want it to get to that point. We want to stay who we are and I think that really has helped. It’s important our guys stay focused on what the task at hand is but at the same time, do what we’ve done.”

His first impressions of Luke Kuechly when the Panthers drafted the middle linebacker:

“The interesting thing about Luke and about us drafting Luke is I have a former teammate from the ’85 team. He was my travel roommate, Jim Morrissey. His son was Luke’s college travel roommate. So when we were getting ready for the draft, Jim called me and told me about Luke and I said, ‘Well, can I talk to your son?’ I talked to his son, Michael. They described Luke to a T. So when Luke showed up, and we met with Luke and we visited with him, he was everything you’d hoped. Very smart, very intelligent young man. Very competitive. Very driven. He was at the combine and he ran an average time and then the second time he blew it away. Every one was kind of looking at their watches again and it’s like one of those things you just knew. He ran, I think it was a 4.7 40. He wasn’t happy with it. Turned around and ran a 4.56 or something and then you could see that satisfaction on him. So you knew he was very competitive. Then when we first had him in mini-camp and just watching his competitive nature and who he is, we felt really good and comfortable about him. You just knew he would fit.”

The differences between Peyton Manning and Cam Newton:

“Well they are opposites. Peyton said it best, (Newton) scores touchdowns that he (Peyton) doesn’t score, but at the same time, Peyton scores touchdowns that some other people don’t with the way that he throws the ball. He’s a tremendous football player. He’s had a tremendous career. He is a Hall of Famer and we know that. I think the thing about today’s football is because of the way the offenses are evolving –  and then I think because of the types of players you see on defense – you have to have a little something different and that’s what we do. Now if you have a guy like Peyton, with his ability to spread the ball around, his quick decision making and his ability to deliver a good pass, you can survive that way as well. So really, it’s just a matter of what your philosophy and belief is as a Head Coach and as a coordinator. For us, what we do, Cam suits it the best.”

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