WATCH: Carolina Panthers' Josh Norman Always Looking for a Pick Six

Carolina Panthers' cornerback Josh Norman discusses his desire to get an interception on Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Josh Norman has developed into one of the top cornerbacks in the league in a rather short amount of time. He started the year exceptionally well for the Carolina Panthers with four interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns, in the first four games.

In the video above, Norman is asked about his desire to get a pick six off Peyton Manning and the Panthers' cornerback responds that he wants to get a pick six everytime he steps on the field. He says it doesn't matter the quarterback, whether it's Manning or Blake Bortles, who he did get a pick six on earlier in the year.

The topic of intercepting Manning has been asked to Norman a couple of times this week. During Monday night's 'Opening Night', Norman talked about the respect he has for the Broncos' quarterback:

“Ever since 1999, 2000, I’ve been a Colts fan. He was their quarterback. He was one of the main reasons I was a Colts fan. The guy was just unbelievable at what he did. He had the weapons, (former Colts WRs) Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Stokley, (former Colts TE) Dallas Clark. Every time I picked up the controller with friends, I ended up putting up 50 points. It was like ‘P freaking M,’ he was going ham. Every time we scored, I would let them know about it.”

However, that admiration doesn't mean that he wouldn't love the chance to have an interception on Sunday in the Super Bowl.“Getting an interception? Man, that would be huge," Norman said. "That would be everything I’ve worked for. Just to get an interception off a guy like that who will go down as an all-time great is just unbelievable. I can’t even describe it. I’ll just do my best and try to contain myself and not get a personal foul because I’ll probably get so excited, I might do something stupid.” 

Manning was on pace to have a season high in interceptions with 17 interceptions in nine games before sitting out six weeks. He did return in the second half of the final regular season game and since his return has not thrown an interception. If Norman hopes to have his first interception since September, he will certainly have his work cut out for him in the Super Bowl.

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