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Emmanuel Sanders and Josh Norman Begin War of Words

With the big game less than four days out, the war of words has begun between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers and it should be no surprise that cornerback Josh Norman is right in the middle.

On Thursday, Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman responded to comments made by Emmanuel Sanders made the day before. The Broncos' wide receiver stated that Norman "had talked himself into the media", according to USA Today's Eric Prisbell.

Norman is certainly an outspoken player and made sure to respond on Thursday by saying: "Wow. I think you have to be pretty darn good at what you do to talk your way into the spotlight. If you are not good you are not recognized as one of the best, and I guess people don't want to know about that person. So I don't know where he gets that from."

The Panthers' cornerback wasn't done just yet and finished by saying, "I haven't been hearing much about him, so obviously he may want to go back and practice some more."

Now Norman has been known this year to be rather talkative, especially on the field. It reached a boiling point in the Panthers' game against the NY Giants that resulted in cheap shots by Odell Beckham Jr. as well as physicality after the whistle by both players.

He was asked Monday night during 'Opening Night' if he considered himself a trash talker and said he doesn't believe he is but rather he is a motivator. He was later asked if he stays within the rules when it comes to trash talking and he said, “Absolutely. It’s a mental warfare out there, brother. We’re not out there picking daises. We’re out there giving it to them. However they want it, they can get it.”

On Thursday, according to Prisbell, Sanders did say that his comments were taken out of context and tried to clarify. "I never said he was overrated. That story has blown up. I pretty much (said) that I’ve been here for four days and I’ve answered more questions about Josh Norman. Robert McClain is on the opposite side. Luke Kuechly is in the middle. They have a defense. They have 10 other guys out there. Is that fair to keep asking questions about one guy as if me and him are the only ones out there playing? Walk up and ask me questions about the defense in general because they have a great defense."

It remains to be seen who Norman will be lining up against on Sunday whether it will be Sanders or Demaryius Thomas but one thing that is for sure is the Panthers' cornerback will have plenty to say come game time.

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