Carolina Panthers' Thomas Davis Responds to Rodney Harrison's Comments

Players were not available to the media on Friday however that did not stop Thomas Davis from responding via Twitter to comments made by Rodney Harrison on Wednesday.

On Wednesday's episode of The Dan Patrick Show, former safety now NBC commentator Rodney Harrison was asked about if he had a problem with Cam Newton's style and he said he didn't have a problem with the dancing. However, he did say that he would try and take him out.

Dan Patrick asked him what exactly he meant and he responded by saying, "I would try to hurt him. I would go right to his knees. That's the goal. You want to knock him out -- that might be the difference between winning and losing the Super Bowl."

On Friday, Thomas Davis took to Twitter to talk about Harrison's comments about the Carolina Panthers' quarterback.

This isn't the first time this year the Panthers' have taken issue with comments made by Harrison, although none of the former safety's comments to this point have been about trying to take a player out.

Back in December, Harrison said that the Seattle Seahawks were a more dangerous team and that Julio Jones would win his matchup against Josh Norman.

Norman, similar to Davis, took to Twitter to give his response to Harrison's comments, saying "he is horrible at his job".

Roughly a week after this exchange, Harrison had an interview with Charlotte Observer's Scott Fowler where he said, "Even if I was to go back (to playing in the NFL) at 43 years old, I still wouldn’t be scared of their wide receivers. I wouldn’t be scared of them." 

One thing is clear and that is Harrison has not made many friends on the Carolina Panthers this season.

Below is the video of Rodney Harrison's comments on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday.

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