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Where Does Cam Newton's MVP Season Rank Among the Best?

Cam Newton was announced as the winner of the MVP award Saturday night. He had an incredibly season, one that helped the Carolina Panthers reach Super Bowl 50. But where does it rank among some of the previous quarterbacks who have won the award?

Cam Newton is the first quarterback to win the MVP award not named Peyton ManningTom Brady or Aaron Rodgers since 2003 when Steve McNair was named co-MVP with Manning. Since 2007, quarterbacks have won the award every year except one, when Adrian Peterson won in 2012. So where does Newton's season rank among the previous MVP seasons? This is a list of of all the award-winning seasons for the quarterbacks who won over the past nine years.

Name Year Passing Yards Rushing Yards Total Yards Passing Touchdowns Rushing Touchdowns Total Touchdowns Interceptions
Cam Newton 2015 3837 636 4473 35 10 45 10
Aaron Rodgers 2014 4381 269 4650 31 2 33 8
Peyton Manning 2013 5477 -31 5446 55 1 56 10
Aaron Rodgers 2011 4643 257 4900 45 3 48 6
Tom Brady 2010 3900 30 3930 36 1 37 4
Peyton Manning 2009 4500 -13 4487 33 0 33 16
Peyton Manning 2008 4002 21 4023 27 1 28 12
Tom Brady 2007 4806 98 4904 50 2 52 8

The Panthers' quarterback is certainly in a select group with two quarterbacks who are sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famers (Brady, Manning) and another one his way (Rodgers). This season by Newton is right up there with some of the best this group has had.

Now while the passing yards were the lowest among this group, the 35 passing touchdowns was higher than three previous seasons, including last year's winner Aaron Rodgers' total of 31.

However, when taking into account just passing yards, that is not taking everything that Newton brings to the table into consideration. There has never been a player like Newton in the NFL who has the same size and speed from the quarterback position. The Panthers' quarterback actually ran for more yards this year (636) than the previous eight MVP seasons by a quarterback (631). He also tied them in rushing touchdowns at 10.

There may have been some question at points in the season about the validatity of Cam Newton's case for MVP. However, the strong finish put the Panthers' quarterback season right up there with any of the previous winners.

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