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Grading the Carolina Panthers' Signing of Joe Webb

The Carolina Panthers were able to agree to a two-year deal with QB/WR/ST Joe Webb and Brandon Croce hands out his grade for the signing.

For this free agent signing, and all signings from this point forward, we will be breaking the move down into four categories. Each category is worth up to 25 points and a final grade will be handed out based on the total score. These are the definitions of each category:

Player- How has the player produced to this point in his career? Where does he rank among other players at his position?

Team Fit- How does he fit within the offensive or defensive scheme?

Team Need- Is this position a weak spot on the roster? Does this move strengthen the position?

Contract- Is this a reasonable contract based on production? Did the team over spend or did they get a steal?


Grade: 21 out of 25

The saying "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" would be an excellent way to describe Joe Webb. A third string quarterback, or a wide receiver at the bottom of the depth chart or a special teams player by themselves may not appear to be that valuable. However when one player can fill all those rolls, his value to the Carolina Panthers rises exponentially.

Webb was drafted in the sixth round by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2010 NFL Draft and he went on to start four games at quarterback for the Vikings, including a playoff game in 2012. In his career, Webb has a 57.9 completion percentage for 853 passing yards, three touchdowns and five interceptions. He hasn't thrown a pass yet though as a member of the Panthers.

Team Fit

Grade: 24 out of 25

Webb is an excellent fit on this team, and has shown it since he joined them in 2014. He not only can play a similar style to Cam Newton and step in if the need ever arises but also can play quarterback on the scout team to help the defense prepare for mobile quarterbacks.

He has made his biggest impact on special teams both as a returner and on coverage teams.

Team Need

Grade: 23 out of 25

A player like Webb makes it much easier when trying to get under the league maximum of 53 players on a roster. Webb can fill so many roles from being the emergency quarterback, an extra wide receiver as well as a key special teams contributor.

Teams typically need to use two or three players to match what Webb brings to this team which limits them with depth at other positions.


Grade: 25 out of 25

Houston Chronicle's Aaron Wilson tweeted that Webb's contract is a two-year deal worth $1.86 million.

This is a great deal for a player that is able to fill as many roles that Webb does and essentially the Panthers are getting an extra quarterback, wide receiver as well as a key special teams player for under $1 million each season. That is a hard deal to beat.

Final Grade

Grade: 93 out of 100

As I mentioned above, the Panthers are essentially getting a third string quarterback, a wide receiver and key special teams contributor all for under $1 million a season. This is an incredible deal for a player like Joe Webb, who has proven to be a quality contributor on the field, and provides the front office with increased flexibility when building their roster. This is another excellent under the radar move by the Panthers that should pay dividends this coming season.

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