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Ron Rivera Would Like Changes Made for Post Super Bowl Press Conferences

During a radio appearance, Ron Rivera said he believes the NFL should look to make changes for access to players after the Super Bowl.

On Friday, Carolina Panthers' head coach Ron Rivera joined Mike Missanelli and Brian Westbrook on 97.5 FM and was once again asked about Cam Newton's press conference after Super Bowl 50. The Panthers' coach once again defended his quarterback and even said he believes that there should be changes made after the Super Bowl.

"There should only be one person who talks from the losers and that's the head coach. That's the only guy that should be brought and should explain what happened," Rivera said.

"Bringing out other players after you've lost is not what you do in the Super Bowl. You can do it in the regular season or even the playoffs but the Super Bowl is an emotionally draining situation."

The discussion of Newton's press conference has been a hot topic since he walked off midway through his press conference after Super Bowl 50. The breaking point for the Panthers' quarterback was when he could hear Denver BroncosChris Harris talking about the game and all the things they were able to do in the game.

"I think it's unfair to sit young men up there and all of a sudden you bring the winners in right next to you," Rivera said. "And they talk about all the great things they did."

This is a topic that doesn't seem to be going away, even a month removed from the Super Bowl. It has even crossed over into Major League Baseball with the New York Yankees using Newton's conference as the "wrong way" to handle the media, according to ESPN's Andrew Marchand.

In a day and age where fans want as much information from their team and players, it is hard to imagine the NFL changing course here. However, it would make sense that there are some logistically changes where opposing teams are not able to hear their opponent's press conferences.

To listen to the full interview, click here.

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