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Report: Josh Norman Could Miss Carolina Panthers' OTAs

According to a report, cornerback Josh Norman may sit out all offseason work until he signs the franchise tender or a new long-term contract is agreed upon.

The offseason for Josh Norman may be a little longer than normal as he may sit out offseason workouts, according to Charlotte Observer's Joe Person. He has yet to sign the franchise tag tender and Person writes the two sides are still very far apart on a long-term deal, according to league sources.

The Panthers' cornerback is coming off a career year and has catapulted himself into the discussion of top cornerback in the league. He believes he should be compensated as so, which would mean he would command a salary close to 15 million dollars a year.

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Meanwhile, the Panthers appear to be hedging their bets more and aren't ready to hand out that kind of salary. Last offseason, as Person notes, the team offered him a long-term deal averaging $7.5 million per year. The team is going to have to come up significantly from that number and this may be the wide gap currently facing the two sides.

The Panthers will have until July 15th to agree to a new long-term deal with Norman. However, Norman has until Week 10 of the regular season to sign his franchise tag tender and if it isn't signed by then he would have to sit out the remainder of the season.

One thing that is clear in that Norman appears to be content in waiting for the deal he believes he deserve. He told the Charlotte Observer last month: “If I’ve waited this long I can wait on them some more. I got no problem waiting. Waiting got me where I need to be at the end of the day. Trust me: Waiting is my specialty.”

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