Peter Wonders About Friends

The Panthers returned to the practice field on Wednesday, but it was hard to concentrate according to veteran tight end Wesley Walls. For Jason Peter, the happenings in New York have been an ever greater distracton. Peter is a New Jersey native who had friends who worked in and around the World Trade Center.

"My family and I have a pretty good idea of who made it and who didn't make it. There are some people that we haven't been able to get in touch with, friends of my brother's and I. Two of our friends worked up on the 100th and 105th floors."

But, Peter is holding out hope, "somebody said a man fell from 80 floors, down on all the rubble, and that was able to survive. Hopefully, maybe these people are lying in hospitals somewhere making a recovery."

Peter spent the bulk of the day on Tuesday trying to get in touch with friends who worked in and around the complex, dealling with phone service that was not up to par. He did talk with some friends who worked in a building next door to the World Trade Center, they said they were sitting at their desks and all of a sudden they see people jumping from the building. It was terrifying. It was complete chaos.

Yet, Peter is one of those who does believe this weekend's games should be played.

"I think security for an event that would attract 70,000 or 80,000 people would have to be stepped up," Peter says, "but we have to continue on. Everyone has to come together now. Hopefully when you bring that many people together, hopefully you can build something. I hope they play the game."

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