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Brandon Boykin Says He Agreed to Lower Salary to Sign With Panthers

The newest Carolina Panther, Brandon Boykin, took to Twitter on Tuesday and responded to questions by saying that he turned down bigger contracts from other teams to join the Carolina Panthers.

It was reported by USA Today's Tom Pelissero on Tuesday that the one-year deal the Carolina Panthers and Brandon Boykin agreed to was for a base salary of $870,000 with an $80,000 signing bonus.

This is considered a steal for one of the best slot cornerbacks in the league and this raised some questions about why the market was so weak. Steelers Depot tweeted about the Boykin signing and wondered if his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers was the reason why.

Boykin responded and wrote that he "turned down $2 million to go to a place where he could play fairly."

This would seem to imply that he turned down the offer from the Steelers, who he played for last year. The Steelers had traded with the Philadelphia Eagles for Boykin prior to the 2015 season however he struggled to get on the field until the latter part of the season. 

Boykin was on Sports Illustrated's Audible podcast and he believes that the terms of his trade played a factor in his inability to get on the field consistently earlier in the season.

If Boykin reached a certain percentage of defensive snaps, the Steelers would have had to give the Eagles a fourth-round pick instead of fifth-round pick. This may be what he is referencing when he wrote "could play fairly" in his tweet.

Regardless of how this deal came to be, the addition of Boykin to the Panthers' defense is a win-win for both parties. The Panthers address a significant hole in their defense and Boykin will have a chance to prove once again that he is still one of the top slot corners in the league.

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